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Tra.No is a Multicultural & Multilingual Translation, Proofreading, Redaction & Learning Advising Company which works with & for & continuously learn the Norwegian (bokmål), English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Hindi, Turkish, Kirundi, Lakota & Sign Languages every single day.

We offer translation, proofreading, redaction & learning advising services in French, English & Norwegian (bokmål) (all three as source & target languages) & in Russian  (as source language), translation & proofreading in Spanish & Dutch (as source languages) & learning advising in all these languages & in Polish, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Hindi, Turkish, Kirundi, Lakota & Sign Languages.

We also advocate a best possible quality of life through maintained physical activity, mindfulness, a healthy diet & a rich cultural, educational, family & social life.

At Tra.No – Be a Mouvement, we most and foremost advocate multilingual Literacy, Education & Self-Learning.

You too can do it. Work with & join us. For a better world!

Start to learn new languages today …

Aline Chauvier – Tra.No, Be a Mouvement – Freelance Translator & Writer – English, French, Russian & Norwegian – Org. Nr. NO 997312163 MVA – Epost: – Phone: (+47) 94115408 – Address : Hestnes 123A, 6869 Hafslo, Norway (Norge) – Website:

Frilans Forfatter, Tenker, Danser, Oversetter og Tolk – Freelance Writer, Thinker, Dancer, Translator and Interpreter – Ecrivaine, Penseuse, Danseuse, Traductrice et Interprète freelance – Внештатная Писательница, Мыслительница, Танцовщица, Устная и Письменная Переводчица

Statsautorisert juridisk oversetter og tolk med Tingrett – Namur, Charleroi, Dinant og Nivelles, Belgia – Sworn stateauthorized legal translator and interpreter with the Court of First Instance of Namur, Charleroi, Dinant and Nivelles, Belgium – Traductrice et interprète jurée assermentée auprès des Tribunaux de Première Instance de Namur, Charleroi, Dinant et Nivelles, Belgique – Присяжный переводчик в судах первой инстанции Намюра, Шарлеруа, Динана и Нивеля, Бельгия

Where does the name of our company come from & mean?


“Tra.No – Be a Mouvement” primarily comes from Tra as the three first letters of the words Translation & Translator and from the word travailler in French, which means “to work” in English. The second part of our name comes from the word No as the two first letters of the word Norway“, also as the very useful English word No!” and the equivalent French word Non, words which are quite important to define what we do and do not accept in our work ethic.

The second part of our name is Be aMouvement’, which is composed of three words, each of them coming from a different language, all of them being our three primary working languages – English, Russian and French, main languages in which we are educated and work as a Translator and Writer.

“Be” comes from the verb “to be” (“to exist”) in the English Language and is also the two first letter of Belgium, the country were we are from. It comes also from the two first letters of the country where we studied Russian: the Republic of Belarus.

“A” comes from the letter A, the first letter of the Russian alphabet in the Russian Language. It is also the first letter of the first name of our Freelance Translator: Aline.

The word “Mouvement” comes from the French word “Mouvement” in the French Language, which means “movement” or “move” in the English language. In music,  to be “au Mouvement” for an instrumentalist means to go back to a slower pace of playing an instrument, after having previously played at a faster tempo. Something that characterizes quite well our working modus and that of freelancers like we are.

“Be a Mouvement” is thus a name that includes all primary head languages in which we initially work within our company and describe our working modus as a Freelance Translator, Thinker & Writer.

The Norwegian Language is also present within our name -Tra.No-, with the first syllable “No“, which is also the first syllabe of the country of Norway.



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