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Tra.No – Be a Mouvement

A Thought I had one day, of which I do not remember the date

“I wish I was a raindrop that could just kiss the ground softly and dissipate into the earth to push my way through to … the ocean … freedom …”


Let’s Write, Think and Philosophize.


Thoughts on a 1st of May 2019

Now. It is time to write. The wind blows. Very. But I am warm and safe inside. And I write. I had a list of 8 items and subjects written down, that I desired to write about today and finally, the time slipped away and I have to go to sleep early tonight to be able to wake up around 5.30 am and start a fresh new day of work. By consequence, I have to postopone it to tomorrow. It might even be better, to have an entire night to sleep over these subjects. So tomorrow, we will write and think about:

  1. Presence versus absence
  2. Tv or no Tv
  3. Discouragement as a constructive part of life
  4. Book club and sociality – create or join a network of friends and acquaintances common interests
  5. A self-less action every day to become a better human being
  6. Structure your day, structure your life, structure your mind & thoughts
  7. Be curious – open your eyes: learn from everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time – how to start, build, nourish and maintain an active daily self-help learning
  8. Go out in the world and meet humanity & fellow human beings – how a folk music concert changed my perception of mastering my own life and myself
  9. Be creative – look for everything you can transform and make it yours to share – produce, create, give

Let’s write tomorrow and talk about all these fabulous subjects…


Home is a world of its own – A beautiful advertisement for SAS Airplane company.

Réflexion au cours d’une lecture de Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti écrit
“Le mot innocence décrit un esprit qui ne peut ni recevoir ni infliger de blessures ; il est incapable de blesser, comme il est incapable d’être blessé tout en gardant une vulnérabilité totale. »
Dans son ouvrage De l’amour et de la solitude.

Cela me fait réfléchir ce matin. A la qualité d’Etre humain. Dans son état idéal, l’Homme est innocent, dans le sens légal et philosophique du terme. Cela veut-il dire qu’il est et devient dès lors l’être le plus vulnérable de la planète, du monde, si nous croyons Krishnamurti ? Se pose dès lors la question existentielle : la survie est-elle possible, en tant qu’être humain, en toute innocence, si cette dernière est synonyme de vulnérabilité totale et irrémédiable ? Ou l’innocence est-elle un frein à l’évolution et donc à la survie de l’Homme et de l’espèce humain. Si nous nous cantonnons a Krishnamurti et sa définition de l’innocence. L’Homme peut-il être Homme en restant totalement innocent et donc vulnérable. Si nous gardons cette approche, cela veut dire que nous retirons à l’Homme son droit inaliénable de se protéger lui-même contre les menaces et d’assurer sa survie ainsi que celle de ses descendants et ascendants et de sa condition d’Homme, donc humain, vulnérable mais capable d’assurer sa survie. Voir l’Homme comme tel, n’est-il pas le déshumaniser, puisqu’on le prive de son droit et de ses capacités à assurer sa survie ? L’Homme totalement vulnérable et donc innocent, comme le voit, l’entend et le comprend Krishnamurti, n’est-il pas voir l’Homme comme n’étant pas homme, sans force, sans contrôle et sans maitrise de sa / la vie et du monde qu’il et des autres hommes qui l’habitent et qui l’entourent ?
Innocence, humanité et vulnérabilité sont-elles donc possibles conjointement dans la vie, l’existence et la survie de l’Homme ?

L’innocence de la condition humaine est-elle possible et envisageable sans vulnérabilité ? Peut-on vraiment parler de condition humaine, si cette dernière et l’Homme sont dénués de toute vulnérabilité ?

– Dialogue with my 4 years-old child – Dialogue med min 4 årig –

“Dinosaur er glad i folk”, sa Johannes.
“Hvis du sier det”, sier mamma.

Johannes: “Dinosaur er veldig godt.”
Jeg: “Har du allerede prøvd dinosaur kjøtt?
Johannes: “Ja, det er veldig god.”
Jeg: “Men du kan jo ikke ete dinosaurkjøtt du, de alle dødde lenge siden.
Johannes: “ah!”

Johannes: “Kan jeg få iskrem?”
Mamma:” Det er jo kl 7 om morgen. Iskrem kan ikke spises så tidlig.”
Johannes: “Jo, de kan.”

Johannes: “Alle monstrene er ute.”
Mamma: “Jeg er ikke sikkert at det er monstre der ute. Men er det sikkert at ikke alle mennesker er bra mennesker. ”
Johannes: “Alle må rydde.”
Jeg: “Ja, det må de alle, uansett at de er monstre eller ikke.”

Johannes: “Han tok min lua.”
Jeg:” Nei. Det er ikke DIN lua Johannes. Det er hans lua. Det er bare en like lua som den du har selv.”
Johannes: “En like lua”.
Jeg: “Ja, det er det”.



Reading as a Time Maker

Have you already observed how reading makes time seem going slower than usual? Time increases in quality, awareness and length as much we spend it reading. 6 minutes of reading makes your stress decrease of 70%. Something that make books the best medicine ever to fight against anxiety, panic attacks or stress-related conditions or psychic diagnoses. My child, from the height of his 4 years old, is used to not going anywhere without a book in his hands or backpack. We always have books in the car. Probably because he has already developed an understanding and consciousness of what can help him deal best with anger, stress and frustration. Personally, I cannot spend a day without reading, leave my house without a book and reading is the most enjoyable way to deal with lonesome breakfasts as a single parent having part of the weekend free from parenting. So, if you ever struggle with stress and anxiety, go and buy a book. This will help you tremendously.

Tulips are a force that transcends all barriers.

The first cup of coffee in the morning. This is paradise.

An Excellent Idea of Game, a Card Game I bought at the Peace Nobel Prize Center in Oslo last year when visiting the Center. A nice idea for a delightfull discovery evening with friends.


My Work Table Every Single Day.



Om hvorfor er det viktig å rydde. Med barna med også.


Om blomster og vennskap. A question of eternity.

Pleasant Thought on this 22nd January, writing is also a question of eating well. Here is a super healthy lunch I share with a friend at Krydder Kafe in Sogndal.

Today’s thought – Learn to answer your own questioning

A Question without Answer is not a Question, it is an Answer.

Translator & False Belief

People often mistakenly think that the words “Translator” and “Dictionary” are synonyms. Well, no. Translators are actually people who have thorough and top quality higher education as well as educated, expert, documented & practical knowledge in how to & why it is important to use and to know how to correctly use, manipulate and read dictionaries.

Freedom of speech, shall we see it as a right, a responsibility or a duty? Should it ever be limited and/or regulated?


Everyone is a lawmaker in one’s own house


Strict rules versus floatable principles


sdc13459 (2)

Skrivebord Mitt

Veldig often, skrivebord mitt ser sånn ut. Med mange notater som bare ligger på alt mulig med liten små biter av ideen av hva jeg skal, ønsker eller planlagger å skrive om. Hver eneste sekund av en dag kan bli en inspirasjon. Hver dialogue jeg har med andre mennesker, hver eneste lite bite av en dag jeg lever. Da er det greit, viktig og litt spennende å ta notat av alt mulig. Så, husker jeg alt. Alt som kan ligge på blankarket mitt. På papir. Med en pen som danser på det og gir litt struktur & form til. Det som var sagt, vært gjort, vært hvisket, vært gråtet på eller leet på. Da, er det kjekt å vet at det å skrive er en veldig levende & beskjeden prosess, som handler og bare rett og slett tolker livet, først og fremst. Skriving er eksistensialisme. I sitt paroksysmal form.

On the Importance of Reading


Multiculturalism as a synonym of security


Sexuality & freedom of speech


Realistic Maturity Versus High Expectations


Creative Thinking


The Desire for Freedom Versus the Search for Security


Life and the Human Need for Relations


Forcing Oneself to write Versus letting the Writing leads the Dance



Waking up early Versus Standing up late

There has always been and is still a very active and tumultuous debate in every family about waking up early or standing up late. Adepts of both schools will constantly come with good arguments about each of both tendencies and Health care professionals will argue that, we, being all different and unique, above all have to find what is the best habit to stick to individually. A lot of things can happen in our life which provoke a shift or change in these habits. Job imperatives, parenthood, tough or rough times and important life events can sometimes be challenging in sticking to the habit which is healthiest for each one of us. Personally, I have continuously switched from one tendency to the other and back in different various periods of my life, both for professional and parenthood reasons, but also because sometimes, one can require more sleep or on the contrary can require to wake up earlier and thus dedicate less time to sleeping for a certain period of time in order to respond to a planned or sudden heavy workload.

I like how the Russian linguistic approach of the whole debate. The Russian language has a beautiful way to put it, as a Russian native speaker will kindly ask a new acquaintance “ты петух или сова?” (English Translation: “Are you a Cock or an Owl?”) to know what kind of person you are and the sleeping or waking up habits you have. A cock using to wake up early, while a Owl uses to work out late at night and wake up later the next morning. This must be of importance for Russians in order to assess if a person is worth your friendship or your love. Or else be acquainted to you.

In my own family and individually especially, organizing, in a safe manner, sleeping times and habits is a rule to have home of the greatest importance, both for psychological and healthy reasons, as well as for organizational ones: one always feels better when one has enough sleep and that one’s body rested enough to have its batteries refilled. But also, because has every area of our life is good to be organized and therefore felt and experienced as safe. It makes it easier to organize one’s time, family life and professional life, when one has good sleeping habits. For me, regulating my sleep has helped me deal better with anger and irritation. It has led to a more effective restorative night pattern and thus to better emotional availability to people of my family. It is obvious that I prefer waking up early. The first reason being: one gets more time to get things done. As as I assume, we all have work, things or tasks to do. My father, who was an early bird, the earliest of the entire family (& we were 5 daughters home, so it gives you a representation of what kind of family life we had when I was a child), always argued by repeating the proverb: “The world belongs to those who wake up early”. And who will argue the contrary: there is nothing best & more beautiful than contemplating a sunrise on an early Saturday morning with a steaming cup of coffee in hands in the most vivid quietness of a home yet to awaken, to start an effective, productive & pleasant weekend. For several reasons, I agree and mostly follow his piece of advice. As a parent, being structured, coherent, clear and organized with sleeping time, can spare you lots of irritation and exhaustion later on. But also, because when a child is put to bed early with good “going to bed” routines: reading, singing and talking, the same child will be more able to handle the stress and challenges of the following day. As well, as you will, given that you had more qualitative and quality time of your own the evening before, both to do your own work and to take a break from the stress of the day. This is certain that being well rested to having stable sleeping routines will help the entire home and family, a lot more advantages than disadvantages. As I remember a psychologist who told me when I was pregnant: “you don’t get back the sleep you need, you can only load it in advance for later on.” This was clearly saying: rest as much as you can, life is challenging enough for every one to be prepared for changes and life events with previously enough good sleep time.”

Often for professional reasons, was I obligated to readjust my sleeping habits and schedule. Both, in the way that I sometimes had to start working at 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning and so had to wake up at 4 or 5, and in the way that I sometimes needed to sleep over a morning after a day of work with work load reaching 13 hours of continuous work. Also because after i gave birth to my child, i breastfed him, mostly during the night as well, and thus needed extra sleeping time in the day time, so did he. I often loved waking up at 4 or 5, simply because it is frequently a time of the day when the world and the house is very silent, so it gives much space and time to reflection, meditation & structuring thoughts, but also because quantitatively, I was able to do a lot more in the cases I woke up early than in other cases of standing up later. I happened to be more emotionally available afterwards to my child and other people around me when I had managed to do everything I needed to, due to have waken up early and I also coped with the day in a less stressful way. I also had much more energy at the end of the day, when I wake up very early. Psychically and physically, waking up early habits seem to work better for me and my family and be the best alternative for us overall. Nevertheless, I always try to pay attention to my own occasional needs for additional sleep, such as after a rough and hectic week or workload or if life is particularly difficult at a certain moment. I these cases, I let myself sleep a little bit over and later, mostly the first day of the weekend.

Reading and keeping a physically active life style, with daily sportive and intellectually / culturally activities, both regulated and required good sleeping habits and routines for everyone in the house. It is proven that reading for at least 6 minutes reduces your stress of almost 70%. A fact that gives you an idea of how important it is to sit down and read before going to bed and reading to your kids as well. To have between 30 minutes to one hour of moderate physical activity is very helpful as well, both for keeping your mood in good shape and for inducing a more efficient and productive sleep after wards.

A good advice to manage to keep good early waking up routines is to start the day with a good but light diversified breakfast & to go for a walk or a tour outside before one engages in an intellectual activity. To breathe fresh air and get moved is the best way to stimulate our mind to work effectively afterwards. Preferably start the day with something you particularly like. the idea of doing so will be a good stimuli to stand up early.



12th January 2019

There are cheese one can still possibly eat when out-of-date. And other cheese one cannot. I just had to throw one of them in the garbage. It broke my heart. I love cheese. Now, I have to cook dinner without cheese. It is a real tragedy.

Sometimes. It is strange. What kind of things can help a person feel safe. Today, I noticed that just opening my kitchen drawer and seeing my apple green ice-cream spoon actually made me feel safe and happy. Such a simple thing. Can make a whole difference in a person’s day. And sense or experience of safety and security.
An apple green ice-cream spoon.

I had almost forgotten what eating pistachio feels like. It feels green.

I managed to buy groceries today for the entire coming week. I feel like I am a super hero.


10th January 2019

A typical question one often asks herself when living in Norway is

Where is Everybody?”

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