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Tra.No is, first of all, a Translation, Proofreading, Writing & Multilingual Education Company composed of a freelance translator and offering general & specialized Translation, Interpretation, Proofreading, Text Composition, Multilingual Education Guidance & Self-directed Education services. We offer our services to everyone: the public and private sectors worldwide. As State-authorized Sworn Certified Translator, working with the Russian, French and English languages for the Courts of First Instance of Charleroi, Dinant, Nivelles and Namur, in Belgium, we have more than 10 years of experience, dating from January 2008.
We offer services such as juridical, legal, certified translation of official and/or certified legal documents in and for the private and public sectors, more specifically for private clients and individuals, the police, the courts and all other legal authorities & state bodies in Belgium. We also offer such services to the private and public sectors in/for any other countries and private / public clients worldwide.

We offer multilingual (self-directed) education guidance for all languages we learn, have academical education in & are currently learning as an autodidact: Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Turkish, Lakota, Kirundi & (French) Sign language. These services concern also the languages we are highly university educated in as a translator specialized in international relations & are certified for: English, Russian & French (our mother tongue); and the language(s) we have lived in for the past 9 years: Norwegian (Bokmål & Nynorsk).



We occasionally offer interpretation of police, court & private hearings and of other legal proceedings for private clients, the police, the courts and other legal authorities in  Belgium, from and into the French, English & Russian languages, as well as interpretation assignments for private individuals depending on the level of specialization.


Source & target languages within translation, proofreading & redaction

As a freelance general translator, proofreader & redactor, we actively work with French, English and Norwegian (bokmål) as the source and target languages & with Russian as the source language. We offer interpretation services, depending on the level of specialization of the mission. Our Translation, proofreading & redaction services also include Dutch and Spanish as source languages to English, French & Norwegian, as target languages. As State-authorized Sworn Certified Translator, working for the Courts of First Instance of Charleroi, Dinant, Nivelles and Namur of Belgium, we offer proofreading, translation & interpretation services with the French, Russian and English languages as source languages and French & English as target languages.

What kind of assignments do we offer services for?


Specialization of our Translation, Proofreading & Writing Services


General & specialized expertise

We offer general & specialized translation, proofreading & writing services ranking from juridical, economic, press & journalistic, literary & technical text content to subtitles material, voice-over scripts, scientific, musical, medical & localization material, as well as for text content within all kinds of specialization & fields of expertise of all types requiring a given level of technical expertise in the above-mentioned languages.


Juridical expertise – certified translation & proofreading

Within juridical certified translation & proofreading, we offer translation of official documents, ID documents (passports, ID cards & ID documents, driving licences), contracts of employment, recommendation letters, criminal records, criminal & police reports, diplomas, school certificates, educational certificates, all kinds of legal contracts, wedding certificates, birth certificates, sale contracts, divorce certificates and all other certified and official documents of juridical content & value, issued by authorities, legal instances, state bodies, states and governments.


Economic expertise

Within the economic field, we offer translation, proofreading & writing of economic reports, budgets, budget plans,  invoices, statistic reports & all types of statistic materials, accounting documents & reports and of all types of documents of economic content, expertise and value. 


Journalistic expertise

Within press & journalism, we offer translation, proofreading & writing of newspaper contents, press articles, of journalistic reports and of all types of documents of journalistic and press content, value & expertise.


Literary expertise

Within literature, we offer translation, proofreading & writing of books, novels, book scripts & projects of all kinds and of literary works of all types, for publishing companies and for private individuals and any other clients. We offer Literature, Literary, Prose and Poetry Translation, Proofreading & Redaction of novels and books of all types & sizes, this includes also books aimed for children & books following a particular thematic.


Technical expertise

Within the technical field, we offer translation, proofreading & writing of instructions for use and servicing, of all types of documents of specialized technical content and expertise, for companies and for private and public clients, concerning all types of technicality.


Audiovisual expertise

Within the audiovisual, dubbing, voice-over & subtitling field, we offer the adaptation, translation, proofreading & writing of all types of multimedia: ranging from the subtitling, dubbing & voice-over material & scripts, the  translation & adaptation of films, series, advertisements, cartoons, short and long videos & of any audio-visual products of all kinds, specialization & lengths. Our services concern subtitles material & voice-over, film dialogues, scripts and all products (films, advertisements, podcasts, videos, and all types of multimedia) and subtitling, as well as dubbing products of all genres, types, thematic, specialization & lengths, provided that the product to be adapted and translated is legal in regard to national & international law.


Scientific expertise

Within the scientific field, we offer translation, proofreading & writing of all types of documents of scientific nature, specialization and expertise, of all documents related to science, to a particular science, to scientific experiments, tests, work, reports and research.


Musical expertise

We do offer specialized translation, proofreading & redaction within the musical field. These services include songs, artists’ biographies and all types of musical material translation, proofreading & redaction. Our services concern the translation, proofreading & redaction of subtitles of concert, interviews & all kinds of musical, artistic & cultural events & of all types of audio-visual materials & productions of musical, artistic & cultural nature. We also propose services in the making, translation, proofreading & redaction of folders, advertisement content & posters concerning musical, artistic & cultural events & material.


Medical expertise

Within medical translation, we offer translation of  reports of medical content for or from hospitals, doctors, specialists, private individuals, patients, medical studies & research, medical pharmaceutical research works and projects, research material and content, medical studies reports, pharmaceutical notices, medicine instructions for use and advising and of all types of documents and materials of medical nature.


Localization expertise

Within localization, we offer services such as the translation, proofreading  & redaction of websites and internet content (localization services), textual & audiovisual internet & websites content with cultural & geographical adaptation. This does only concern the translating, proofreading & redacting processing of the text & audiovisual content, not the publishing processing or creating of the internet support: we do not offer website creation or maintenance services, but we can offer basic blog creation services.


Creative expertise

We do offer translation services for creative and artistic products such as artistic and advertisement campaigns. Our translation services concern also other kinds of artistic products such as games (video and board games) for adults and children.


Other fields of expertise

As well as for specialization & all other fields of expertise of or within a particular field of technicality, we do offer translation, proofreading & redaction services in the above-mentioned languages when it comes to textual & audiovisual technicality material & technical content, our expertise goes far beyond the previously mentioned fields of specialization. We invite you to contact us in order to assess the feasibility, treatment & price of your assignment. 


We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding the field of expertise of our services, any assignment and quote.




Beside the Russian, English & French languages (our mother tongue), in which we have our Master’s degree university education in Translation, specialized in International Relations, from the FTI (EII) in Mons (Belgium) & the ISTI in Brussels (Belgium), we also have acquired genuine longterm knowledge in Norwegian (Bokmål with a slight touch of Nynorsk) all along our 9 years of living in Norway, Sogn og Fjordane, where we still reside today. As translator, proofreader, learner & writer we also enjoy experienced, practical and educated knowledge of Dutch and Spanish languages, good basic educated knowledge of Polish and German and have most recently started to learn Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Hindi, Turkish, Italian, Lakota, Kirundi & Sign Languages as a self-learner within a research project for peace. However, we inform you that we do not take up any translation, proofreading, redaction or interpretation assignments, for the time being, involving languages such as Polish, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Hindi, Turkish, Italian, Lakota, Kirundi & Sign Languages as target or source languages. We do nevertheless offer learning & self-learning advising for all these languages, as we are in a learning process ourselves and would be thrilled to share this fantastic process with you.

Join us now, start to learn new languages today …


IMG_5098 (2)



We invite you to contact us by email or by phone to assess if we can take up a given assignment in a particular language within a particular field we work with & for. Our capacity and our agreeing to take up an assignment vary greatly from one language to another, depending on the skills, practice & knowledge of our translator, proofreader, writer & learner and on the degrees and the level of specialization and expertise of the primary product to be translated and/or  interpreted, proofread, written & redacted or of the assignment in general. Time is an important factor as well for us to assess our capacity to answer your request and take up an assignment. If our time is limited because of a higher pace of work, a bigger amount of/and a higher level of larger assignments, we might have to say “No” or have to postpone the deadline of the delivery. We would, in such case, reorientate you to other service providers who can possibly help you with the assignment. If such a situation ever happens, do not hesitate or be afraid to contact us again in the future for other assignments. This kind of situation might happen because we have to prioritize assignments / requests on a chronological and legal basis, in order to ensure that we do guarantee all our clients & partners a high-quality final product and quality expertise possible with all the attention that the assignment requires and because our work policy and ethic require that we do not set ourselves under any unbearable work pressure, workload or stress. Respect, truth, trust & honesty between all parties (clients, providers of services and third parts) are keywords all along & within the Translation / Interpretation / Proofreading, Redaction & Learning Advising process in order for our cooperation to be a success for all.




“When your word is important, ours matters as well.

Give Dimension to your World,

Embrace Multilingual Diversity,

Choose Tra.No.”

Aline Chauvier, at Tra.No – Be a Mouvement      



How much does a Translation, Proofreading, Redaction & Learning Advising Assignment cost?

We invite you to consult our section “Request a quote for an assignment” to get thorough information about the price & rates at Tra.No.




Ethic Principles of Tra.No

We invite you to consult our section “Tra.No Work Ethic” to get thorough information about the our Work Ethic at Tra.No.




Tra.No as a UN and WHO-Friendly Translation Company

We invite you to consult our section “Tra.No Work Ethic” to get thorough information about the our Work Ethic at Tra.No.




Tra-No as an Environment-Friendly Translation Company

We invite you to consult our section “Respect & protection of the environment” to get thorough information about how we contribute to reducing our impact on the environment and consciously protect it at Tra.No.




Tra.No Privacy Policy:




Tra.No Reserve Policy:

Please note that our Company, Tra.No, reserves its right to refuse to take up assignments and will not accept to take any Translation, Writing, nor Editing assignments for products of controversial religious content, neither will we accept to take up assignments concerning products of hateful content or violence of any kind, content promoting, conveying or containing comments of hate, violence, drugs, racism, sexism, harassment, pornography, discrimination of any kind, nor any other abuse of any kind. Any request we receive with products of that kind, as above mentioned, will be directly reported to the local police and their author and/or sender will have to face legal charges.

Any illegal request of illegal nature or of illegal documents will be reported to the Police and will not be answered. Our Company does only accept to take up assignments concerning legal primary products and for a legal purpose only, in accordance with today’s national and international law, policy and legislation. 

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