The Languages we work with, for & learn

At Tra.No – Be a Mouvement, we do work with the English, French, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch & Spanish languages. We do work and study German, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew & Chinese (Mandarin) and most recently we started to learn Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Kirundi (Rundi from Africa), Lakota (Sioux, from Siouan languages, USA) & sign languages as a self-learner.

All of these languages, do I keep on learning and work on & with every day equally.

At Tra.No – Be a Mouvement, we are learner of many Languages & Advocate of Multilingual Literacy, Education & Self-Learning

We do believe in multilingual Literacy, Education & Self-Learning as the best way for the world to tackle the challenges it faces now, reach a state of peace and make this world a better place for everyone everywhere.
We are learning daily and fully 17 languages (French, Russian, English, Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Lakota, Kirundi & Sign language and wish to learn more of them in the future.
For us, all languages deserve the same time, love, interest, preservation, curiosity, respect and fascination! All languages are equal and must be equally respected & valued.
Learn new languages, you participate in their survival, preservation & growth.
Every time a language disappears, these are human and cultural heritages that irreversibly disappear.
Learn & Teach many languages – this will develop empathy & makes us better humans in a better world for all where we consciously take care of our human heritage & of humanity.


For us, all languages stand on a same level of equality. All of them, as well as a lot of others, deserve the same level of love, time, respect and dedication.

In each of these languages, do we have particular skills and competences to offer. In our Academic Credentials part, you can find a detailed documented and certified description of which skills do we have in a particular language and which services and products can we provide you with as a client for our company.

We invite you to take contact with us in case you have further or more detailed question about a particular assignement.

Aline Chauvier’s native language is French, language in which she completed all her primary, highschool and University Education (in Mons & Brussels) in Belgium. French that she uses everyday through a vibrant love, life-long learning & interest in the French Culture, Literature, History and International Politics. French, that she is happy to practice when travelling around the world, inter alia in France, Belgium, Canada and other French-speaking places and countries worldwide and in contact with native and non-native speakers.

Our Freelance Translator & Writer has a Master & Bachelor Degree in Translation with a Specialization in International Relationships into and from English, Russian & French, from the UMons (EII – Ecole des Interprètes Internationaux, Mons) and the ISTI (Institut Supérieur des Traducteurs et des Interprètes, Brussels) , Belgium.

Aline Chauvier has a thorough experienced & educated knowledge of the English language. A language that she learned in highschool as well as during her University Bachelor and Master Degree in Translation & International Relations. She has also travelled as a globe-trotter in several English-speaking countries such as Canada, Ireland, England and the United States of America. She has completed a fall semester at Mc Gregor Secondary School in Chatham, Ontario, English-speaking province of Canada in 2001. She also practiced and still practice English daily in various professional positions, such as Switchboard Operator, Sworn-translator, English Teacher for adults in adult Education and for teenagers in several secondary schools in Brussels, as Tourism Assistant in several Hotels in Norway and living in Norway for 8 years now.

Our translator & Writer has also certified good & educated practice and knowledge of the Russian language, thanks inter alia to her University Semester made in Minsk, the Capital of the Republic of Belarus where she completed a Fall semester at Minsk Linguistic University in 2005, as well as to her quality university Degree at the EII and ISTI – both International Schools of Interpreters and Translators in Belgium and her several short and longer travels to Belarus, Ukraine and Eastern Europe in the past 14 years. Her practice of the language, has she also acquired through her various relationships with Russian native and non-native speakers and her continuous genuine interest in the Russian Culture, Literature, Language and History.

She has also lived for the past 8 continuous years in Norway, where she learned Norwegian, Bokmål & Nynorsk, in real life, in intensive evening classes and through different professional positions, such as the CEO & Manager of a Pizzeria, Tourism Assistant for various Norwegian Hotels (Fjærland Fjordstue Hotel, Walaker Hotel, Vesterland Hotel & Ferie Park), Restaurant Assistant with Adecco (Fylkesmann, Statens Hus & Statens Vegvesen), Manager & CEO of YX – Lustraporten and Frilanse Translatør og Forfatter with Tra.No – Be a Mouvement. Her skills, does she nourish every day through a vivid interest in the Norwegian Culture, Life Style, Literature and History and through contact with native and non-native speakers.

Aline Chauvier has also learned Spanish for 4 years in evening classes (2000 – 2004) at the Institut de Promotion sociale of Philippeville – and through 2 humanitarian experiences in Ecuador (2009), with the humanitarian organization Les Iles de Paix and in Mexico (2003) with the Institut de Promotion sociale of Philippeville. Spanish, that she practiced as a traveller & adventurer in Spain, Central & South America and through various relationships with native and non-native speakers.

During her Primary and Secondary education, our Translator & Writer also learned Dutch, in which she has educated knowledge and practice dating from 1994 and had good and experienced language training for more than 8 years. Dutch that she also practiced in several professional positions in Brussels afterwards and during several travels in the Nederlands and in Flanders, Flamish-speaking part of Belgium, during her entire life and dating from her childhood.

Aline has also studied German for 2 years, during her 2 final years of secondary school and with 4 hours of German a week, she managed to acquire good basic knowledge of the language. A language she could and can still practice in the German-speaking region of Belgium and through various travels in Germany. German that she continuously improves by reading the press and studying. She also nourishes her interest in the language by learning everyday about the German culture, history and music.

When studying for her Bachelor degree in Translation, Aline has also completed a semester in the Polish language and could therefore get good basic knowledge of the language. Polish that she uses frequently to read the press, make new relationships with Polish-speaking native speakers and learn about Polish culture, history, music and language.

Recently, our translator & Writer decided to add 2 new languages – Arabic & Hebrew – that she has started to learn on her own as a self-learner (2018 – 2019 – into the future), mostly with online learning materials, video tutorials and through contact & relationships with native and non-native speakers.

The very last (but not least, after all the more we are, the best it is) language we started to learn as self-learner is Chinese (Mandarin) and guess what: we love it. We now match the 6 official languages of the United Nations and reached 11 languages into a “daily  learning modus”. We are going to embrace the process of learning as we embrace it with all other languages we cherish and adore, respect and genuinely love. We look forward to meet these many millions of Chinese speakers and are thrilled to start the process of understanding millions of new inhabitants of this earth.

What about you?

Which language do you speak?



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