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A few weeks ago, we started our Drawing class again with my son. Every wednesday, we meet and draw for 2 hours. Altogether.

Here are our (mine and my son’s) lasts drawings. Two weeks ago, I started to draw with a pen and ink, Johannes started to use watercolor.



Some reflections about our Drawing Class at this end of the year

I learned this year that when Drawing one shall not use an eraser. Simply because if you draw something or in a way you should or wish not, the error will be automatically corrected later on during the drawing process. In drawing, this is the process that counts, not the way you do, but the training to get to the “embracing of reality” which shows the way you see and render reality. As a book we worked with says : “To draw is to See”.

This year, we learned…

How our relationship to reality can be improved by drawing – How can training  push everyone forward and improve their skills – Kids also can do it!

In autumn 2018, My child and I enrolled in a drawing class, organized by the Red Cross and taught by a local architect. It was an open course to everyone who wanted to share an artistic activity with his/her child. We dedicated our wednesdays evening to the course for an entire year: it shaped a new pattern in my life and mind, it bounded us to all new friends and acquaintances, it made us discover, work on and improve artistic skills, it improved our relationship to, connexion to and ability to see, accept and tackle reality, it improved our self-confidence and endurance. At this end of the school year 2019,  fewer remain in the class, some have left while others joined in between start and end, one observation I made yesterday as I observed all of us drawing silently and happily in our classroom:

we all got better at it and improved our skills by focusing, committing and persevering.

Here are the few naked drawings I sketched yesterday and a fantastic Picasso like drawing made by my child.

Hope you are also joining an artistic activity with or without your child locally – it is fun and it is worth – it opens both minds, horizons & doors!





The most recent Naked Drawings I made at our drawing class. Almost the end of this school year. No drawing class for 2 whole months – got to train on my own – Also one a Picasso-like drawing by my son of 4 years old that I love very much (the drawing & my son).

Still working on Faces at our weekly drawing Class with the Red Cross. We love it.






Some faces we started to train on at the last drawing class I go to with the Red Cross. A delight to work on faces, mostly because they tell so much about a person and his or her emotions, about who a person is and about his or her history and momentum.






Our Drawing Teacher made a portrait of me, among other portraits. So nice.

Drawings before & after Belgium.











A jar – A glass – A blurred vision

This it the shooting of the first dance video I published this week taken three consecutive times. You can the whole dance video in the Dance through Time & Space section of the blogg. I took a picture of this setting, because I loved how it looked like and i wanted to immortalize it. I liked the light, mixed with the back stage setting and how glass changed and blurred the whole picture.


– Green –

Is a painting I adore. i decided to photography it with the glass on it because i loved the visual effect and the presence of my shadow on the picture and the painting. This is a water color painting. I love its relaxing and caling effect on the mind. I always tried to hang it in the hallway because it kind of calms the spirits of anyone entering the house.






– Put your Feet down to the ground –

Is a painting project I made on plastic platform i had bought in the local Biltema store. this was the first time I painted on plastic platform, on such hug canvas and on transparent material. Feet was a pleasant project to make because it was fun to have paint on my feet. these are really prints of my own feet, and because it is a triptic and therefore very beautiful to watch all together.This project was made after a few very tumultuous and demanding months and the first painting I made after a long time without painting.






I loved photographying Feet with a spotlight behind and in the dark (I turned off the light of the appartement). This created a very different version of the painting and also emphasized some parts and elements of the painting in a very contrasting way, compared with when the paintings are just photographed with normal light. For some parts of these pictures, they look like a completely other picture and thsi gives lots of power and strength to the initial painting. I adored the effect.


På Familien Dagen på Heibergske Museum. Kaupanger. Norge. A drawing workshop with the small ones.


We started to attend to a Drawing class, organized by the Red Cross, with my 4-years-old son in last november 2018. We enjoy learning to draw. We will share some of our drawing productions later on.






Sketches we had to draw in 5, 3 or 2 minutes with living models.

















Det er helt krise her i leilighet! Jeg lest hele juleTegnehannen min😳😁😢 Jeg vet ikke hva skal jeg gjøre nå. Det er liksomt: Det er en typisk 8 fase sikle med meg i forhold til tegnehanne bøker:

-fase 1: jeg ble forelsket i Tegnehannes bok i bok butikk eller får jeg en tegnehannes bok som gave fra en person som liker meg mye.

-fase 2: jeg beholde bok på et synnlig sted hjem, men forhindrer meg selv å lese det for fort (sånn praktiserer jeg “delaying of gratification”, har hørt det gjøre oss mer intelligent☺️ jeg anbefaller veldig!)

– Fase 3: jeg gir opp og åpne bok for å lese en eller 2 sider maksimum: forbudd å lese mer, eller skal jeg ikke klare å vente for å lese det direkt til slutt

– Fase 4: noko har skjedde i livet eller er jeg ekstratrøtt og kan jeg ikke stoppe meg selv, det er liksomt en sterk beskjed min hjernen sender til handene mine: JEG MÅ LESE MIN TEGNEHANNE BOK så fort som mulig!

– fase 5: jeg leser den hele bok (ikke søver, ikke spiser, ikke drikker, ikke vaskes (jeg vannlighvis vil ikke treffas meg ingen ut av hjemme i så fall😇), kort sagt: jeg ikke lever, uten min Tegnehanne bok i handene mine. (Denne fasen gjelder inntil bok er avsluttet og totalt lest fra A til Z).

-fase 6: jeg må lukke Tegnehanneboken min, endelig.

– fase 7: jeg opplever en akkut fase av depresjon av type :”hvordan skal jeg klare meg å leve UTEN Tegnehanne??? Mitt liv er helt og totalt meningsløs😭😭😭uten henne.” Da ble det mange tanker om hvordan jeg skal tjene nok penger for å kunne kjøpe min neste Tegnehanne.

-fase 8: etter flere dagar av gråter, tårer og sinnet, begynner jeg progressivt å gå ut igjen, tar en 3 timer dusj, begynner å frequentere igjen bok butikk med mentalt innstilling “jeg må finne meg en ny Tegnehanne så fort som mulig!!!”

– da prossessen starter på nytt fra fase nummer 1 fra denne tidspunkten.

Jeg avsluttet den juleTegnehannen jeg fikk som gave for jul!!! Da starter fase nummer 6 akkurat nå☺️☺️☺️

Bare for å si “Takk igjen” Tegnehanne for tegne og skrive med humour, refleksjon og klokkskap… det gjøre Supert julegaver! Vi elsker dine bøker mye! Jeg anbefaler til alle. Tegnehanne gjøre oss alle så mye mer våken og reflekterende om livet. Takk til deg som dele dine talent.

Drawings 2009 – 2019

unfinished - portrait -portrait - Портрет

who knows

too much of everything


















Paintings 2009 – 2019. Water Colours.

unfinished - mother - mère - Мать

unfinished - loneliness - solitude - Одиночество

unfinished - father - père - отец - 2

unfinished - father - père - отец

me - moi - я, by ivan

unfinished - alone - seul - один

understanding - compréhension - понимание

the eye - l'oeil - Глаз

mothernal tie

img_5438 (2)

eternity - l'eternité- Вещность

not finished - love - l'amour -Любовь







not finished - the future - le futur - Будущее - 2

not finished - the future - le futur - Будущее















-Light Water Colours-






This is not my own work. This was a Heart drawn on the beach of Middelkerke, Belgium, in Easter 2016. When I first travelled to Belgium with my son, Johannes, so that he could meet our family.

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