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– Proofreading, Edition, Redaction, Text Composition, Books & Publication –

Tra.No offers Proofreading, Edition, Redaction, Text Composition & Writing services for the private and the public sectors, as well as for smaller & bigger companies and businesses. We take up assignments such as the composition of all types of texts ranking from advertisements, posters and folders contents to more important products such as internet websites, speeches and whole books. We also offer services for smaller assignments as text composition of letters (of all types, purposes and sizes), files, reports, cases, short stories, novels, prose, poetry, educational manuals, technical manuals, co-writing assignments and all other types of textual contents & compositions.

We invite publishing companies as well as private and corporate clients to take contact with us to discuss our cooperation for particular assignments. All types of businesses and private clients are welcome to take contact.

Our Translator is also Freelance Writer & Thinker and is currently working on 10 Books, Novels, Poetry Collection & Writing Projects, as well as on a Research Project on ‘Multilingualism’ being part & the object of a future Phd. Research Project. 

The book projects we are currently working on are the following:

I. A series of books for children – Comics

in co-writing collaboration (illustration & plot) with my 4 years-old son, about the existential question –“Hva gjøre det at vi er mennesker?” – What makes us human beings? – Qu’est-ce qui fait de nous des êtres humains? –

II. A journalistic novel -“I morgen, er det ingen paradis” (Tomorrow: ‘nowhere’ is paradise”)

Notes on the personal experience of an expatriate – out of the 9 years of expatriation I personally lived.

III. A psychological novel -“Ventre à terre” (On the ground) –

Experience, thoughts and meanders of a woman in the 20th and 21st century.

IV. A documentary novel – “Tusen foreldrene (A thousand parents)” –

A thorough presentation of a thousand men and women through interviews, formal and informal meetings and personal relationships about the delicate subject of parenthood in the 21st century.

V. Un recueil de poésie (a poems collection) – “Et si c’était moi? (Had it been me?)”

A collection of poems and prose collected from my youth (from the age of 8 to 20 years old).

VI. An autobiographical novel – “Présent et réalité (Present and reality)” –

A recollection of all encounters I personally made with human kind in the course of my own life, a tale about fate, destiny, adversity, human growth and about how all these encounters shape who we are and form us as human being.

VII. A roadbook, partly autobiographical – “Modern Slavery in Today’s Democracy”-

A book about how modern democracies hide their slavery practices, while bragging their democratic virtues.

VIII. A self-help book for challenging times -“Krise” (Crisis) –

A book (mostly autobiographical) telling about our personal experience of life crisis & providing with tips for managing to deal with crisis & critical times.

IX. An autobiographical novel – “Norge” (“Norway” – “Norvège”)

An entirely autobiographical novel telling about the 9 years of life we have been living in Norway with my son. How I experienced this country, how it impacted my life & the life of my family & how it shaped and changed my vision of the world.  

X. A Story –

A real-time online self-published novel published as it is progessively written day after day on Linkedin & on the website of Tra.No – Be a Mouvement. A tragicomic fictional novel telling the story and relational adventures of a single mother living abroad. A drama about the ups and downs of a family which does not suit the typical family life of today’s society, told with much autoderision, humour & a deep sweet touch of humanity.



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