Respect & Protection of the Environment

Tra-No – An Environment-Friendly Freelancing Company


Tra.No is an Environment-Friendly Company. This means that within our Company, we work in the best interest of nature, in respect of and with an authentic concern for promoting sustainable development in all its forms and with a genuine regard to the protection of the environment. We are a member of the Norsk Naturvern Forbundet and our Translator & Writer and her family are registered as ‘Miljø-agents’. We therefore invite and request from our collaborators & clients (whoever they are, public, corporate & private) to work in the best interests of nature and for the protection and respect of the environment as well.

How do we implement our goals related to the respect & the protection of the environment?

  1. We pay a yearly participation fee for membership to the Norsk Naturvern Forbundet
  2. We only print in paper what is absolutely needed to be printed
  3. We prioritize, organize and reduce our car driving to the strict minimum
  4. We choose sustainable, recycled & organic products, services & suppliers
  5. We reduce our travelling by plane to the strict minimum
  6. We opt for ecological choices as often as possible
  7. We recycle
  8. We sort out our garbage
  9. We talk and discuss ecology within our network, family and company
  10. We attend conferences and lectures regarding Climate issues
  11. We opt for home-based work every time it is possible
  12. We do not buy more than we need
  13. We try our best to reduce our detritus & waste to the strict minimum
  14. We make sure to commit to a healthy diet within our company & family that  include biological products as much as possible
  15. We commit to a healthy lifestyle, which is both based on sufficient physical activity & sustainable development
  16. We buy & consume locally
  17. We think new ways to reduce heating, energy & electricity consumption within our company & family & in everyday life
  18. We constantly think new ways to reduce our carbon print & our impact on the environment
  19. We keep updated about the most recent news concerning climate & climate change & crisis
  20. We look for solutions & take advice from other sources & climate experts concerning how to act within optimal respect of ecology
  21. We respect & protect animals and only eat the strict minimum quantity of meat needed
  22. We stand against consumerism in all its form
  23. We prioritize relaxing activity & leisure time within nature & into the wild
  24. We continuously learn and improve our literacy about natural life, climate change & ecology
  25. We watch films & documentaries, listen to interviews, podcasts & news on the radio & TV about climate issues and ecological concerns



In order to read more information about the Norsk Naturvern Forbundet and know how you, your family and your company can reduce your impact on the environment, respect & protect nature & wild life & participate in promoting sustainable development, you can consult the following website:






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