Tra.No Work Policy


– Tra.No Privacy Policy –

Please note that your private informations, any sensitive and nonsensitive informations related to or component of the content of the primary products and of the Translation assignments that our Company takes up by your request will be handled with care and in best regards to the protection of such data and of your Privacy.


– Tra.No Reserve Policy –

Please note that our Company, Tra.No, reserves its right to refuse to take up assignments and will not accept to take any Translation, Proofreading, Redaction, nor any other assignment for products of controversial religious content. Our company shall also not accept to take up assignments concerning products of hateful content or conveying violence of any kind, assignments with content promoting, conveying or containing comments of, promoting, or about hate, violence, drugs, racism, sexism, harassment, pornography, homophoby, pedophily, discrimination of any kind, or relating to, exposing or promoting any other abuse of any kind. Neither do we accept comments of that kind to be posted on our site. Such comments will immediately be deleted from our site and reported to the local Police. Any request we receive with products of that kind or comments of this type, as above mentioned, will be directly reported to the local Police and their author and/or sender will have to face legal charges.
Any illegal request of illegal nature or of illegal documents will be reported to the Police and will not be answered. Our Company does only accept to take up assignments concerning legal primary products and for legal purpose only, in accordance with today’s national and international laws, policies and legislations.


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