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Choose Tra.No – Be a Mouvement

Tra.No – Be a Mouvement.

Our Visit Cards. Tra.No – Be a Mouvement.


All the Light we might not SeeOpen your EyesBelieveHope

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All Simple Things

An unidentified Road Sign. That I literally adored. During a walk with my child. With No Direction on it. Only an Open Door to every Possible Future. All ways Ahead still to happen.


Do never stop reading. No matter what happens.

2 beautiful messages … out of one’s life time


A night light reflection about Love & Life


Sound Recorded in the Woods. Along with my Child. An Enjoyment of Nature it its most Silent and Wildest State.












A Solitary Walk Tour in the forest from Hafslo to Solvorn på gamle veie.

On a 1st of May 2019.





One Morning of March 2019. Waiting for a Train to bring us to Brussels.



Raw. Wild. Worldwide. Light. True.


Barcelona. Simple. Spring. Sunny.


Belgium. Grey. Long. Reflective.


Everybody has the right to make Mistakes. Family Rule.



What Blogging means. Exactly. Well. That you see:


When the Winter is long. One Must think about the coming summer. Otherwhise, it is not going to happen.


Oh Trees. If you ever knew how much I love you. No matter how naked you are.


A Carpet on the Floor. Embrace.


A sudden work of Street Art.

Awkward noises. Strange, relaxing and intimate natural sounds I recorded during my last walk at dawn. Intimate Sounds of Nature in the perpetual Norwegian winter. Nature is the most powerful and beautiful composer. A genuine mind quitener.




On a Dark Blue Walking Tour. Hafslo. Norway.


A bit of philosophy before going to sleep.


The building mind of a 4 years old. Mighty.


There are never enough flowers in our lives.

Only tulips know the colours of genuine friendship.


A card I found in the most insolite place. With the least insolite message. For everyone it may concern.


The Post-it Working Desk of a Freelance.


veien fra Førde

A usual Tuesday. On a usual walk. In a usual place. Hafslo. Norge.


If a Sky could ever speak. Hafslo. Norge.


En Dag. Kaupanger. Norge. Nesten de sammen. Men ikke helt.


En Lesestund. Biblioteket. Gaupne. Norge.

“Dikt er ikke bare for de gamle”, de har sagt til meg.


De Heibergske Samlinger. Sogn Folkemuseum. Familie Dagen. Kaupanger. Norge.


My breakfast table.

A Job Interview. One Morning.

Human Power.


Blomster. Vennskap.




Working Freelance.


While watching the snow falling. Hestnes. Hafslo. Norge. Januar 2019.

Tea. With Herbs. Deilig Moment.


Vanlig Helg. Januar 2019. Hafslo. Norge.





A Winter Morning in Sogndal. Norge.


Oslo. På et sted nær Ambassaden Min. På Reise for å fornye Pass. 2018.


En Dag i Shopping Mall. Sogndal. Norge.


En Dagsreise til Lærdal den. 16 januar 2019







Hearts. Everywhere.




Me. For Fun.


Objets. Insolites – Unusual. Objects.







Jeg ikke alltid klarer å få tak i Mennesker. Men det er jo Norge.


While Walking. Reading. Always.




Sogndal Høgskulen. Norge.






Snø & Frost. Norge.


Eidsgrenda. Kaupanger. Norge.





Nikolai Astrups Hus.



– Auto-Portraits through Time & Space –

The idea behind this series of autoportraits was to emphasize the malleable nature of the human face. Also, was I interested in capturing reality. But in continuous & successive time-lapse. So that I could have a grip of how life and events influence both the way we look and the way we look at a camera and thus transmit our life experience to the world we live in and to the people around us. Also how does it influence the way we see ourselves. And it is quite interesting to observe it on ourselves over a long period of time. In different settings. Different places. Different lights. Different circumstances and differents moods. At the beginning, in the middle or at the end of very different days. How does our facial expression, our smile, our sight, our eyebrow, our haircut, our eyes, our mouth do reflect our inner and outer reality and the real-time in which we are present. At that very moment. At different day time. I ask myself: did I always want to smile to the camera? Was I sometimes tired? Or sad? Is my smile genuine? Did I cry just before? Why? Was I happy and blessed when taking the picture?

What was my reality? On that particular day. And how does my face reflect it. In the most visible, continuous & natural way. It is as if I had taken the temperature of my inner-self day after day. And made that temperature show up on the picture.




































– In the Wildest Heart of Nature –












– Love is a Temple –


– Hotell Mundal, Fjærland Bokbyen –








– In The Mirror –



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