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There are thousands of places & Time to read. Start now. Do it every where. Any time.
































































































































































































































































Remember that expressing your emotions to your child is of highest importance. Make them aware you love them and make them aware of their own emotions, help them to express them, to put words on how and what they feel. They got to know they are loved, that they have the right to say how they feel, no matter what happens. That you are there for them. That they are as important as anyone else.  Tell your kids you love them. They do not hear it enough from the world. They deserve it.


A Trip to Bergen & the Literaturhuset. There is never enough space in my suitcase. To gather and bring home all books I fortunately save from being bored into bookstores.


Huske å lese med barnet ditt. Om verden. Om menneskene. Om alt. Fordi alt teller alltid.


A fantastic advertisement for Fortum. With a very deep reflection about Motherhood and Earth and how important it is to protect our planet. In & for the future. Marvellous. This is progress.

























































































































































































































































An inspiring advertisement for Telia about freedom of speech, security & freedom of being oneself.





















































































































































































































































A littel reminder. In case I had forgotten. That anger is a highly important emotion. It might even be the most important one. Very constructive of our life and generating loads of energy which is wise to transform and have good use of, for good things, good actions & future projects.


Marie Mahler is a fantastic Belgian author who is the illustrator of a series of great books for kids. I discovered and met her when in Belgium last Easter and I loved talking to her. She is very inspiring of an author. My son participated in a workshop with her and I was so happy to have the opportunity to meet such a great person she is! I highly recommend her books. For all of you who read & sing with their kids in French!




















































































En fint cover av en magasin jeg fant på Sogndal Kulturhuset. Den først side var så fint til å lese. Det inspirerte meg. Og det ga meg håp. Om fridom. Om frihet. Om ytringsfrihet. Etter alt, må vi tør å fornye håp da. De mest me kan. Uten håp, ingen forandring kan skje.


Goran Bregovic er en fantastisk synger. Jeg anbefale å ta litt tid for å høre på Album. Han bringer deg til et helt annet land, annen verden, annen tiden. Bare med musikk…






























































































































































































































































































































Play With Your Kid, with your Friends, with your Partner. It is Fun.

– Speak and make them speak abut their emotions –

A great adventure I made with my 4 years old on the day of his birthday. We decided to take a train to Brussels, and made an expedition to a Bio Food Store, where games produced by a French Company named “Pour Penser” are available. I bought lots of these small cards games there. These are very practical games, that can be played with in the car, on a plane or anywhere else. It does not occupy lots of place and are so nice to discover with the entire family. The age varies from 4 to 104 years old. All of them focuse on mindfullness and meditation, on the psychology of happiness and on how to deal daily with emotions, what ever they are and are triggered by.  On the second picture, two cards games for adults I personally enjoy: “More than one Story” and “Kjæreste Kartespillet” (oversatt fra Engelsk versjon av John Gottmann til norsk). These two cards games are exceptional to play with friends, at a dinner, around a good fire, or between two partners, just to get to know one another, simply, honestly and happily. “More than one story” is a game I bought at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo last year and which amazes me each time I open it. My son also received another game called “The Monster of colors” (Le Monstre des Couleurs) for his birthday. A fantastic game aimed to let the child describe, recognize and speak about his emotions – each of them being described and symbolized by a color.


Gracias a la Vida

A very old, but beautiful song, by one of my favorite song writer and singer, Joan Baez. A song with much meaning to Life and Gratefullness.


























































































































































































































































































































The Strength of Silence

I bought some books last time I was at the Fnac, in Belgium, last year. And this one caught my particular attention. Above all, because it speaks about “noise” and it speak about lives in monasteries. Although I never thought of becoming monk myself, I have a fascination for people who choose to spend their entire life into the walls of and dedicate it to a monastery. I am reading it right now, so I cannot really talk about it so much, but it quietens me already. To read it.

I bought this book at the Abbey of Maredsous (The Art of cooperating). Last year. I loved it. We should all read it. And should all learn French.

There are more than 7 billions ways to be a human being. We are ones of them. Happy multilingual identity! A fantastic book. To read and discover and love, deeply.

A fantastic book I started not long ago. And stopped and started again. As usual. I am passionately reading it right now. I advise it to anyone. A pack of wisdom, thoughtful thinking about the world today, conflict solutions, our systems of representations and how we can possibly make it work altogether in the future. A brilliant piece of writing. Go and get it in your local library!


For like muligheten. Uansett.

































































































































































































































































































































































































Sexualité – mieux la comprendre – TedX
























































































































































































































































































































































































La vida es al otro lado del miedo














































































































































































































































































































































































SAS. Arrivals. 2 advertisements to watch, watch & watch again

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































An Advertisement for a Belgium that so few really know


















































































































































































































































































































































Kapernaum. I am without words. The movie just finished.








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































REPORTAGE sur le MIT de Boston, La fabrique de génies (Sept à Huit) 2018



















































































































































































































































































































Se libérer du regard des autres en 5 minutes | David Laroche | TEDxGEM










































































































































































































































































































Début de lecture. Ce jour. Nietszche. Humain. Trop humain.


“C’est ainsi que Nietzsche veut ouvrir toutes les parenthèses entre lesquelles se sont enfermées les contradictions dont nous vivons sans plus y penser.” Angèle Kremer-Marietti, Introduction à Nietzsche.

“Aussi faut-il savoir parfois planer librement ” aux-dessus des humains, des moeurs, des lois et des appréciations traditionnelles des choses.” Nietzsche, Préface d’Humain, trop humain.

“La “route de la vérité” est semée de résistance et de contradictions.” Angèle Kremer-Marietti, Introduction à Nietzsche.

“Si nous voulons esquisser une architecture de notre âme (…), il faudrait la concevoir à l’image du labyrinthe” Bachelar, Aurore.

Wait. The most valuable quality in a person’s life.

Call Me by your Name. One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. This warmed up my heart. To see it. For ever.

On our French Day – Zazie, Yann Tiersen, Francis Cabrel og Olafur Arnalds

Sometimes. ABBA is the best mood lifter for winter mornings with your child in the car to start the day. It works. Always. My child adores. I do too.





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































A book which has been a must this year. About all the tricks and traps one should be observant every single day. From buying or selling a car to buying a work of art, Rolf Dobelli tells us about how to avoid thinking patterns and manipulative traps. I seriously recommend. To everyone.

French music, with Francis Cabrel and Maxine Leforestier is the sweetest taste one can have in the harsh Norwegian winter. Jeg anbefaler.

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Ingrid Sletten is the Norwegian folk song I adore the most. I happened to know today that it is the song one of my best friend’s mother used to sing to her at night. A song that reminds us that materialism is obviously not the most important. After all.














































































































































































































No possible way to survive a Norwegian winter without Coldplay AND coffee. Hope tgat everything is not lost.




































































































































































































Fint å vet hva som skjer i Luster biblioteket i Gaupne. Du skulle bli overasket!



En fin teater stykk jeg satte en uke siden. En av de (hvis ikke den) beste jeg sat hele året.


En skikkelig nyttig (og måte bli obligatorisk for alle foreldrene og barna) bok serien om hvordan man kan prate om følelsene og hvordan barnet ditt har det. Anbefaler jeg veldig til alle! Anna Fiske er en helt! Moro å lese alle sammen på kvelden!






































































































































































































































































































































































































































Ei bok jeg utlånte siste helga. Litt om alt. Det viktigste. Kanskje.


Et tilfeldig møte. Siste uke.

Remember Every Moment. This Morning too.


























































































































































































While writing my project for a 3 years long Phd Research program, I listen to Yann Tiersen. Thinking about Life & what it takes to imagine our future. And the notion of rettferdighet.
















































































































































































Å kjøpe musikk og cd er dyrt. Men uansett liker jeg å høre på og å bruke cd. For å løse problem, besøkte jeg biblioteket og utlånte jeg en hele eske av kjent og ukjent cd og musikk. I Belgia, har vi hva vi kaller mediateker, hvor mann kan utlåne alle slags musikk. Men har jeg ikke hørt om slike steder her i Norge. Så biblioteket var en god alternative.

Ei bok jeg fikk som gave i fjor og som jeg tok litt tid for å lese. Stort sett, fordi det var alltid altfor mange andre bøker jeg hadde lyst å lese samtidig. Som alltid. Og ikke nok tid. Som alltid. Så. Elsker jeg å dele de flere sitater som står inni bok.




Jeg elsker Ellisiv Lindkvist. Ho klarer å skrive så åpent og ærlig om hennes egne følelser og er så flink til å snakke om dem uten skam og med så mye aksept. Alt som me alle trenger, på alle tidspunkt av livet. Ho snakker om menneskene, om forholdene, om den rar alkymi som tilknytter oss til hverandre alle sammen eller som trekker oss vekk fra hverandre. Ho setter ord på mange av det som er å være et mennesket i nåtid. Norske forfatter er selv opptatte, ho skriver. Kanskje det. Og kanskje er det lov. Av og til. Å bli selv opptatt. Ei bok jeg anbefaler. Veldig.

“Men prøv alt, hold fast på det gode.”

fra Bibelen, ikke sånt, men også fra Lindkvists roman.

Litt lyd av russisk musikk. Med en veldig hyggelig gruppa som heter 5’nizza. En blanding av Reggae, Jazz, en style med utlån av noter fra hele verden.

Bare prøve. Høre litt. Det er verdt å høre på!






































































































































































Jeg så Chaif på konsert når jeg studerte i Minsk i 2005. Det var noko. Noko stort. Og noko vakkert. Litt noko av alt sammen. Med gode mennesker. Veldig fint vinduet inni menneskelig sjel. Med modenhet og ung synspunkt. Med vennskap og bra bølger. Å høre på og. Bare gjøre det. Det skal du like.




























































































































































Read with, for, about and from the perspective of your teenagers!

En veldig artig, viktig, fargelig og nyttig bok, veldig godt skrevet for ungdom. Som jeg oppdaget ikke lenge siden. Anbefaler jeg det ærlig og veldig.

En veldig menneskelig bok, vel skrevet og lett å lese. Om alle mennesker som kan finnes i Sogn. En vakkert tale om ulik likhet. Om historie. Om livet. Om vennskap og foreldreskap.

20th January 2019

“Quién detiene palomas al vuelo
Volando a ras de suelo
Mujer contra mujer”

Mecano, Mujer Contra Mujer



















































































































































“Please, come … say “How Do”
The things I’ll give to you:
A stroke as gentle as a feather …
Hey oh …
I am here;
Am I not young & fair?”

by the Sneaker Pimps









































































































































Minus 15 degrees celsius outside. Hafslo, Norway. I wonder if Amundsen felt the way I feel while he was trying to reach the North Pole. As he said to his crew: “I never said there wasn’t any risk.”

The all Norwegian winter and being confined inside in the warmth of my appartement, writing, reminds me of a proverb that hanged on the wall of the house I grew up in. A proverb who said in French: “Le beau n’est autre que la cime du vrai.” English translation: “Beauty is nothing else but the Highs of truth.” This makes me refocus on what is important in life. Beauty and life are not a question of materialism. Of living in big houses or driving big expensive cars that are highly detrimental to the environment, but rather about one’s ability to be true to oneself and to others. If I have lived a life. Mine, precisely. Then, I like thinking of it as being the reflection of that proverb. Because if I managed to remain entirely and genuinely true to myself and to others in the whole course of that single life I have, then, I managed and still manage to live an existence which is worth living.













































































































































































































































19th January 2019

“Sometimes love is not enough when the road gets tough I don’t know why. (…) Tried to take what I could get. Scared that I couldn’t find all the answers “

Lana Del Rey, Born To Die









































































































“I will love you ’til the end of time
I would wait a million years”

Lana Del Rey, Blue Jeans





















































































































































































18th January 2019

Francis Cabrel. Bien. Oui. Dans les tempêtes de neige en Norvège. Nous sommes heureux d’écouter Francis dans la voiture. Et surtout Carte Postale. Pour nous aider à passer l’hiver. Vivants. Et forts. Et peut-être encore plus vivants et plus forts qu’avant.

Et puis c’est Cabrel. C’est irremplaçable.












































































17th January 2019

And another song – discovered when completing my fall semester at Minsk Linguistic university in 2005, by another good friend.

Крематорий Сексуальная кошка

“ветер нового счастья, ветер новой любви. (…) Твоя душа как музей гениальных издели и редких вещей. (…) И я хотел бы остаться с тобой, но твое жилище – проклятый дом.”

































































Аквариум – Город Золотой‬‏.

A very beautiful song. That I used to listen to in order to have some quiet. A memory of the Republic of Belarus. Although, the song is not about Belarus. But it is thanks to a Belarussian friend that I discovered it.

























































Niccolo Paganini and his sonata are sometimes the best and calmest inspiration one can ever find, on a snowy afternoon, busy writing and editing our site.















































16th January 2019

Yesterday, I had to travel to Lærdal to a jobbmesse. I was not particularly motivated in the morning. But I thought it (…)

I finished my evening reading Krishnamurti in French, as it was our French Day yesterday. I will write down and share a few thoughts about my reading in the Free thinking section of my blogg later on today.


15th January 2019

Food for thoughts. About how high we all tend to set our expectations about ourselves and how & why it is important sometimes to stick to realism and modesty. As one of my older sisters, who is a clinical psychologist, told me once: “To the impossible, no one is obligated to succeed.” It is a good piece of advice that I shall apply from now on.




































And. To inaugurate a new Work Day. In the snowy Norwegian Winter. Nothing is better than Mumford & Sons.


























14th January 2019

And sometimes. On a snowy Monday afternoon, when all emergency imperatives are far behind our back. One can just enjoy a delicious cappuccino and read a book in a cosy little Coffee Bar.

I like that.

A new book began this week…

Jeg anbefaler!


“Det er rart å tenke på at av alle mulige muligheter var det jeg som ble meg.”

Gro Dahle & Kaia Dahle Nyhus

13th January 2019

On a Sunday Morning. While snowflakes gently fall down from the sky. Cello is an important Component of a decent Breakfast.
















12th January 2019

My Cinema Heart-breaking Film of this week, that everyone should see …











The Music I listened to continuously this week …

To listen to … as often as you want. Yes. You have the right to.






My Readings of this week …

En français, på norsk, in English и по-русский …



“Hvis menneskehetens fremtid blir avgjort mens du er fraværende fordi du er for opptatt med å skaffe barna dine mat og klær, blir du ikke fritatt fra konsekvensene. Det er veldig urettferdig, men hvem har sagt at historien er rettferdig?”

Yuval Noah Harari



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