A Better Sleep For A Better Life

In this section, you will find consistent advice related to how to enhance and optimize your sleep & circadian rhythm in order to improve your health & life


We are no expert in the science of sleep. However, we read, enhance our knowledge and keep informed from all possible sources on how we can optimize our sleep in order to live better. This is a fact: sleeping better will help you live better & longer & will improve your health & the quality of your life.

Among other skills we have, we are also able to sleep. For having been through long and repetitive critical, hectic & demanding periods of time in our life, we nevertheless never were unable to sleep and always had consistent restorative nights. We therefore believe that we can be of help for others who wish to sleep better.

– To start with, here is a list of wise pieces of advice I gathered from reading all around the internet and which I experienced myself about how you can improve your sleep, your sleeping routines & habits & the overall quality of your sleep –

1. Sleeping is the best medicine. But it does not mean you should stop or not take the medicine you regularly take for whatever medical condition you have. You should always consult your specialist and doctor before considering stopping medicine. However, improving your sleep will improve your physical and psychic health & the health of your entire family.

2. Prioritizing your sleep on everything else will always be a good choice. When overwhelmed with stress, anxiety or challenging times and changes, a cure of sleep (a weekend of long restorative recovering nights & regulating your sleep to a minimum of 8 hours in a row) & giving priority to sleep will always pay off. When you feel overstressed & feel you cannot handle a situation, securing your sleeping hours every night is a first step in giving your brain & mind the possibility to process these challenges & changes in an optimal way, with all the rest & health they require.

3. Regulating your sleep – going to sleep at identical hours & waking up at identical hours – is by far the best way I experienced to enhance your health & improve your sleep.

4. Read and get informed about the importance of sleep and the impact it has on your life and health and on the life and health of people around you. The WHO has recommendations regarding sleep. Recommendations which are wise to go through & apply, once you decide to focus & improve your sleeping routines & health.

5. Indirect impact. Improving your own personal sleep will have a direct & positive impact on the sleep, health & wellbeing of your entire family.

6. Remember we are all different, have different needs and thus need a different amount of sleep. If there is an average in the number of sleeping hours one should have (see below), our days might be more or less active depending on how they are spent. If your days are particularly physically active. You might need more hours of sleep than others.

7. Sometimes, focusing on other parts of your life will automatically regulate and improve your sleep. It is another way to apply the principle of “indirect influence: one example, if you guarantee yourself with enough physical exercise in a day, you will automatically get tired enough in the evening to sleep well and fast. In focusing on other aspects of your daily life, you help your body and mind regulate the sleeping part of your life, without especially focusing on it.

8. Physical exercise 2 hours before sleep, habits/routines staking such as playing an instrument or listening to music, reading and meditating are effective and useful ways to improve and induce good quality sleep. Establishing these routines before you go to bed and implementing them regularly (optimally every day) will help your body establish a better sleeping rhythm and quality.

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– Here is a list of useful articles on the subject of sleep –



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