After a few weeks of silence

10 PM. It is Tuesday. I am listening to meditating music. As a new micro routine I included in our daily schedule. It has been a few weeks now that I have not posted much else than ads for Tra.No on LinkedIn. So I enjoy this calm evening to go back to you: with a bit more insights. These past few weeks have been hectic with many restructurations of all sorts. Many tests and exams. Many trial periods. Much insecurity concerning the situation of the world. I somehow held on a constant mindset of perseverance and efforts. Mostly concerning our trying to stick to a most normal day possible. As the crisis in its first acute step progressively resolves worldwide: many more people are losing their jobs and turning to social benefits than earlier in the crisis. Many of my friends working at local social benefits offices confirm a huge wave of unemployment and of people in need of social help. Although our situation is far from being of a highly privileged family having big mansions and expensive cars and second residence inside the country or abroad, we can consider ourselves as grateful to have some resources and be able to face the crisis with calm and strategy, instead of letting despair and anxiety take over. We also worked considerably on microroutines and on improving our skills.

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