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Books are both food for & excellent foundations for the mind & brain. They are the best way to learn & improve your knowledge in all fields of expertise existing in the world & in life. Books also help your mind develop its capacity to imagine and create. Cognitively, books are excellent tools to sharpen your skills at all levels & by all imaginable ways. They teach you about humanity & help you understand it. Many books that are master pieces today were written by great writers who lived at periods of history we did not live and will therefore never experience ourselves. These master pieces carry with them an historical human heritage which are of unprecedented value for everyone. Great writers, as well as great books, teach us to think by ourselves. They are therefore and above all a lesson of life. Reading is a gold skill that every human on earth should have & have the right to learn & develop. However, we all know that many children still do not have access to education & many adults are still analphabet worldwide. This should be everybody’s concern.

Only 6 minutes of reading can reduce your stress of 70 to 80 %. This fact means that reading & books the best possible way to deal, handle & reduce anxiety, stress & panic, maybe even help prevent burnouts.

Visit libraries as much as you can, books can also be given as gifts, exchanged and borrowed from libraries & second hand stores or friends. Private books exchanges are good alternative to buying books, which can be very expensive for some and in some places of the world. Know however that investing in buying books for you & your family, friends, colleagues, co-workers & company is by far the best investment one can make every day & for the future.

Read with your colleagues, friends & children every day. Books are the best way to improve literacy & knowledge at all stages and ages of life & for every member of the family & of a company.

Know also that many Internet websites offer free of charge books for everyone to read in all possible existing languages. These websites are wise to visit & use. In this section, you will also find a list of such useful websites.

This section proposes books recommendations, reviews & comments in all possible languages, about all possible themes & of all possible types.

Tra.No wish you a happy Books, Literary & Reading discovery!


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