HOME – 9 – During the Crisis, Dance With your Inner Self

Video 9

Theme – Dancing during the crisis –

– Dance with your inner self –

– HOME –

An Improvised Dance Project

to create a sense of Identity & Belonging

through Time & Space

In early 2019, we started an Improvised Dance Project consisting of improvising dance in several different settings (lots of videos are made in our apartment) on a piece of music of our choice that we record after an hour of warm-up and post it on Linkedin & our Blog.

The Project “Home” has the purpose to show that Dancing can help people to be more mentally present as a tool for Mindfulness, to find a sense of Identity & Belonging & to rejoice our own Body in all its expressions & movements.

During the current corona crisis: dancing is more important than ever, a recently published Ted Talk spoke about its benefits and its importance. In this crisis when so many are statically staying home without much possibility to move or go out, dancing to reconnect with your inner self has a crucial and high significant meaning for all of us regardless of your age. I wish you to enjoy dancing with yourself, as well this week.


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