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An Improvised Dance Project

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through Time & Space

Video 6 – Theme. Finding a way out of Darkness.

The name of our sixth video is

In the Light


This morning. As I woke up at 6 o’clock am, I lighted up 5 candles & started to warm up. We do not always see the light. Indeed, a book I offered one of my sisters last year was called “All the light we can not see”. Do we always see the light? Out there? That light our body is reacting to and regulated by constantly & daily. The light of the moon, the light of the sun, the light of cars driving in front of us, the ones of the semaphore or the road signs. The light of our smartphone, of the TV, of the computer. The light in someone’s eyes.  The light of a voice. The light in the fridge. Is it full or empty? The light of the day reflecting from the snow at night. Although we sometimes might not see it, still it is light that seems to lead and push us forward in life. I lighted up 5 of them this morning. To lighten the way. Out of darkness. Into the future, whatever it is. To come. In time of uncertainties and crisis, light is what will lead us out of the box, out of the tunnel, out of darkness & project us into the future. I wish you to embrace light. This morning, I danced with this idea in mind. We hope that shall inspire you to dance as well. In the Light …



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