HOME – 7 – Remember a Home in the Obscurity

– HOME –

An Improvised Dance Project

to create a sense of Identity & Belonging

through Time & Space

Video 7 – Theme. Remember.

The name of our seventh video is

– Remember a Home in the Obscurity –

You do not have to be a professional dancer to benefit from dancing. Where ever. However. Whoever is a dancer. Dancing is food for the soul. An ultimate way to express yourself and all the emotions you experience. Dancing is freedom in the most basic form of it. Embrace it. Be it. Dance. Whenever you have the possibility, space and time to. In early 2019, we launched a Dance project at Tra.No, called Home – its purpose is to regain a sense of identity and belonging – a sense of Home. This video is our 7th video. Its name is “Remember – A Home in the Obscurity”. Parallelly we read “Obscurity” by Sigri Sandberg (in Nynorsk) with our book club this month and gathered this week to debate about it. These are fantastic people, whose insights, ideas and opinions I genuinely respect and love sharing and hearing. I thought this was a good time to make a dance video about Obscurity.


Here is our warm-up video

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