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Video 9

Theme – Moving through the Smallest Places.

Moving. Be Infinite.

 This video is named ‘Moving through the Smallest Places’ I used all the boxes prepared to move in our apartment as a background. And the smallness of the place we live. To show how the human can nevertheless create movements in a very tiny place. Lights and obscurity to embody the vibrant contrast defining our existence.

This is a period when I particularly love my own-self and appreciate my own presence. This is the reason I especially chose this song. The dance is defined by short and constrained movements, that I consider often describing how the environment we are living in limits us in our moves and development. It hinders us to reach our potential and is a loss not only for us but also for humanity as a whole. But. As our resilience takes the lead. We can choose to see spaces and places as infinite. Such as to choose to be, ourselves, infinite.

Making our potential yet to awaken, infinite as well.

My son is speaking in the background, I liked him interacting with me while I was dancing. So I chose to let his voice be present on the video.


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