HOME – 5 – A Morning in Fall

Video 5 – Theme – Be. Here. Now. Touch. Move. Dare.

The name of our fifth video is

– A Morning in Fall –

In early 2019, Tra.No – Be a Mouvement launched an Improvisation Dance Project called HOME, with the aim:

– To capture the present moment through improvised dance

– To work on mindfulness within dance & free movement

– To see how improvisation in dance can help us, as individuals, embrace freedom

– To define where ‘home’ is

– To embody the idea that art is not a remote concept but is rather a way of life, which is worth being embraced as much as possible, since we know arts & movements have a very positive impact on our life & health

– To experience that dance as an art can be created through simple everyday context, exercise & performance

This time and as I did previously, I worked & experimented with several material, as in the present video, I used a jar in order to play with the vision of the viewer & create a magnifying effect with the camera. The idea was to play with both the eye & the vision & prove that the limits of our body are always unclear & not clearly defined, as the jar magnifies the contours & shape of our being & make them unprecise.



– Here is the video of the warm-up exercise we did just previous to the definitive one –

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