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Video – Theme. Wild Morning

– Awakening –

The video will be filmed at sunrise, at about 5 in the morning, in a prairie surrounded by the forest, nearby the fjords, not far from where I live, in a wild environment and with the awakening of nature as a background.


Video – Theme. Follow Each Move

– Closer gets Far Away –

The camera in motion, trapped into the palm of the dancer’s hand and following all the movements from that point of view.


Video – Theme. Void & Silence –

– Only Silence speaks –

A Dance Performance filmed entirely and completely in Silence. Without Music. Where every Movement will only be guided by the beating of the dancer’s heart & breath.


Video – Theme. Open the Door. Transcend the Walls –

– Open what Must –

A Dance Performance where the emphasis will be put on opening all the regions of the body that need to be widened and rendered flexible by amplified movements and wide gestures. A tale about how our wild open mind can help our entire body open the doors that need to be opened in order to go forward in one’s own life.

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