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A very interesting time passed since we recorded the last dance video for Home. I left for Belgium for a period of 5 weeks and had to take a small break from dance videos. I could have recorded and performed videos there as well. But for some reason, I did not. Maybe because I did ot feel “HOME” after all. As a matter of fact, I did not attend dance classes neither during the all period and I therefore struggled to get back to a “dancing” mind when returned to Norway. Here are two pictures taken the day I recorded the next video. Unfortunately, I found the recorded video not meeting my expectations, I thus decided not to post it, nor keep it. The experience provoked a discouragemet in me. And it was maybe the first time I truly and honestly experienced such a discouragement, but was nevertheless not totally knocked down. The setting of the recorded video was very interesting, but the overall performance lacked “peps”, energy and enthousiasm. I danced very hard and was tired at the end of the performance, but still, the video was not good enough for me. This episode taught me two or three highly important things about work, life and performance. First, it is allright to be discouraged. Discouragement is part of life and mostly an inherent and constructive part of people’s lives who are perfectionists or demanding towards themselves. Discouragement can and will pass with time, more easily and faster once we have accept for it, as a part of the overall process of “work” and “improvement”. This time, discouragement did not make me sad, but propelled me and encouraged me to go on with work and keep on training and dancing. The discouragement I experienced this time was thus highly constructive. Dance requires hard work, daily practice, dedication and focus. Nothing falls from the sky, one has to work hard to reach a good level. I keep that in mind and I will keep on working hard in order “to get there”. It is allright to be demanding with oneself, if it is who we are and if it is constructive for us in order to move forward. Being demanding is probably and mostly a very good thing. Also, the last important thing I learned is that we should not stop dancing for so long a period anymore in the future. No matter if I post or do not post the video I recorded, I got to dance and keep on dancing, two to three times a week. This is to keep the flamme burning.

I developed accept for discouragement and understanding for oneself and strengthened my will-power, as well as my general understanding of hard work. The absence of video is constructive. At the end of the all process of the video making, I sat and took a picture of myself smiling and accepting the experience of discouragement. One can find happiness in satisfaction too. We have to be able to tackle success and satisfaction, as well as discouragement and dissatisfaction. As part of all processes of life and existence.

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