Introducing Multilingualism & Multilingual (Self) Education


The work – is to be done by yourself –

– a Self-Help Tool Pack to Learn Foreign Languages –

Most of the advice present in this section can be summarized in one concept: the method we propose is mostly a self-help tool pack in order to help you with and make you enjoy learning foreign languages.

At Tra.No – Be a Mouvement – we advocate multilingual self-education & self-education for all other possible existing fields of knowledge & expertise. We also advocate linguistic immersion, daily practice & constant life-long learning.

You will rapidly see that most of the work to be provided will have to be done by yourself, coming from your own initiative & being regularly & daily practised & implemented in YOUR own life. I personally like it, when the result of the work comes from my own hard, demanding & dedicated work and efforts. This gives me more self-confidence and proves that I have been able to produce a certain amount of efforts, individually decided and prioritized, efforts and work which reflect my personality and identity as well as the life choices that I made at a certain point of my life. A useful principle to keep in mind is to avoid pressure or stress, in short: relax & have fun! Being too demanding with yourself or with the number of tasks performed in the learning process might have a detrimental counterproductive effect, it is often adviced to be a bit less demanding, maybe not demanding at all (although it is important to have clear goals in order to keep on being motived in the learning process), and rather induce a relaxed state of mind, rather than to block the entire process by demanding impossible efforts from yourself. However, learning languages, I must admit, is a long, demanding and longterm process, that requires, as every other learning journey, lots of work, focus, organization, constant efforts, and intentional engagement, in order to be most effective, productive and enjoyable. Remember to play, remember to enjoy & remember to experiment: a language, no matter which one it is, is a living and ever-changing entity & reality which depends on millions of particular individuals (who all bring their stone to the construction of the linguistic edifice & structure), rich in humanity, the learning and knowledge of which will make you improve other skills such as sociality and cognition. Learning and speaking a foreign language change and open your world. To places and people, ideas and understandings of the world, you might never have had access to if you hadn’t started to learn these languages. It will take you to a journey full of unpredictable and joyful events which I wish you to make the best of and remember for your entire life ahead. Because it will change you, your life and your world. Forever.

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