Learning the Lakota Language

Here is a list of websites I discovered & use within my learning journey and which are highly useful to learn the Lakota language

I wish you much joy learning the Lakota Language!


– Texts, legends & storytelling read out loud in Lakota  –

Texts & Podcasts of text by Lakota speakers



– Useful phrases in Lakota with pronunciation and translation –



– Website with useful podcasts by native speakers & other learning resources – 



– Website by the Lakota Language Consortium –




– Website with thorough information about the Lakota language & actions to preserve it –



– Website / Blog with everyday phrases & pronunciation by natives –

Speaking Lakota for Everyday Use part 1 by Matt Remle


– App’s to install on your mobile phone –

Owoksape – https://alpha.owoksape.com/

Lakota Vocabulary Builder – http://www.llcbookstore.com/lakota-vocab-builder-free-android/

NLD Mobile – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/new-lakota-dictionary-mobile/id959701704


-A very fun website providing learning & testing all at once sorted out thematically-



Now, you are all equipped to learn the Lakota language!

Have fun …


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