Manage your energy, rather than your time.

I recently read an article about managing one’s energy. I had previously already implemented it in my own life (style) and had already measured its positive impact in terms of productivity, overall health, both psychic and physic, and betterment of relationships. Here are some pieces of advice I can give: 1. Take breaks regularly within the day. To eat a healthy snack. To drink water, tea or else. To move a bit especially if you usually work on the computer most of the day. Every 1h30 to 2 hours: take a small break. 2. When having lunch and other meals. First: have all these meals every day and have them healthy. Also leave your desk and computer to move at that time. 3. Train every day a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening. Preferably at the same time every day. Walking in the nature is a must I cannot do without now. Every morning before I start working I walk for 30 minutes in the woods.
4. Schedule every day with most regular and identical hours for routines related to sport, eating and free time – hobbys and creative activities. As well as you schedule your work. This will make your routines to recurely repeat on a daily basis. Automatically and unconsciously. Habits stacking is one of the most effective way to establish these routines and make sure they occur. 5. Abandon all habits that deplete your energy: all sorts of addictions or bad habits, people who do not wish you well and habits that take your time and not give any result in terms of energy production, calm, joy or income. 6. A bit everyday is better than too much one day a week. In terms of exercising: if you should exercise at least 10 minutes, it is preferable that you repeat it every day than to train one hour one day a week. 7. Show gratitude to people around and remote from you. Thank them for their contribution. Show compassion. Value their efforts and work. As well as you do it for yourself. Value your own efforts and work. 8. Sleep! Sleep well. Establish routines that quieten your mind and mood 1 to 2 hours before you go to bed. Like music. Writing on paper. Meditation. Reading. Instead of going to bed just after having left your computer.
9. Go to bed early. Sleep until you feel well to wake up. Preferably at identical hours. 10. Make sure your day is full of activities which give you joy and are positive or have a positive impact on you, your life and the one of your family. It does not mean everything we do should be easy. Working is not easy. But working must at least be pleasant in some way: you should like or at least appreciate what you do for a living in order to be content with how you spend your life and the majority of your life doing. 11. Build up on your passion. Studies have proven that people are much more productive when they do what they like and are best at. Than when they do something they do not appreciate. One important question to ask yourself is : what do I like most doing? Harvard studies have revealed that managing your energy is much more effective than managing your time Time is a finite resource while energy is infinite. Do your best to manage it the best you can.
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