Nynorske litteraturdagar 2019 – Flåm – Norge

Last weekend, we travelled with my Book Club to Flåm, a touristic little city, known for its railway station to Myrdal in the heart of Sogn of Fjordane, to attend to a weekend of conferences, lectures & concerts for the 2019 version of the Nynorsk Literature Days 2019. There, we had the pleasure to meet in person, hear, listen to, speak to & discover numerous writers, singers, musicians, artists, translators & yoga instructors. The theme this year was ‘Livsglede’ (Zest for Life). I believe we tasted it with our Book Club.
Not only was it an adventure to drive altogether. But we also were hosted by a very kind woman who offered to lodge us for the weekend. After 2 hours of driving on the narrow roads in between some gigantic mountains which shined all colours of autumn, waterfalls & stony walls, a ferry & many good kindly talks in the car, we arrived in Flåm just before the sunset. After the delicious Friday dinner our host had kindly cooked for us, a tasty goulash and several stories about her childhood & an hour of good friendly talks around a tree table, we all headed on foot to the Fretheim Hotel were the weekend was opened with a concert of the author Patti Smith’s translated text into Nynorsk sung, with an electrical guitar. These musical interludes were accompanied by reading, by the translator herself, Brid Brid

(text & section under construction)

I went back from this weekend in Flåm, with refilled battery & much energy to face the coming winter. Much inspiration & desire to contact with these fabulous authors & propose them to translate their novels into French.



If you want to know more about Nynorske Literaturedagar 2019 in Flåm



we hope you join the event next year!

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