Press – March & April 2020 – Corona Crisis Period

During most of the lockdown time of the Coronavirus pandemic & crisis, I only read the press for private use, answering an acute need to get information about the crisis and national, as well as international measures. I then only focused on 5 to 6 languages I learn to read the press and opted to avoid being overwhelmed by too much stress and anxiety due to the nature of the news I read by limiting my own exposure to the daily news to a strict necessary minimum. Here you will find a sample of the articles I read during that period and that I found relevant to share with a wider audience. These do not only concern the Corona crisis pandemic.

I hope you will find it interesting to read them.

France Culture
Le Monde Diplomatique
BBC World
Novaya Gazeta
The Guardian
Die Zeit
El Pais
La Reppublica
Die Zeit
Il Fatto Quotidiano
TeD Talk
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