Run: to be more present to yourself

Tip of the day

– Coronacrisis –

Here you go. I bet my record again. I ran for one hour & 16 minutes today. As I ran. I felt the happiest woman on earth. It was like. There was only me & the nature around. My breath & the efforts I was investing to keep on the perseverance. And this moment was suddenly the only thing that ever counted. I was completely present to myself. Hearing my heart breathing. Feeling the flow of air going from & into my lungs & I felt the most grateful person in the world: to be breathing in the most beautiful place on earth. I discovered today that the meaning of life is not to be found in comfort, or in living in big houses & driving expensive cars. It is not to be found neither in having everything you need or want. The meaning of life is to be found. As well as happiness. In the efforts. The consistent, perseverant and rigorous efforts you make. When one is hungry of having run for an hour & 16 minutes, swetting, cold & tired. Taking life has it comes: like a slap in the face. Like a Covid crisis that ravages more than half of the planet with hunger, insecurity & precarity, not to mention death. Meaning is to be found in these moments. Rare. Of discomfort & hard labour. Where there is just you & your building the strength you need to overcome it.


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