Take Distance from Fastidious Learning

Take Distance from Fastidious Learning

Getting to listen to lectures about all possible subjects is an excellent way to take some time off touch grammar and vocabulary learning and enjoy the language much more within its cultural context. I clearly advise all foreign language lovers to watch and listen to, not only the radio but also videos and small films such as TedTalks, etc. This is because it mixes the learning to the pleasant and it makes you learn much more than just a language. It will improve your knowledge in many other topics. YouTube is an excellent “friend”, it has millions of highly interesting videos and lectures about all possible areas of knowledge in free access for all ages and all tastes and interests. These videos will make you learn about real life, culture, researches, in short about everything.

It is highly important within your learning journey, especially when you have a feeling of stagnation, to take some time off the traditional learning path and discover other areas of learning. By doing so, you test your understanding of the language you are learning and this metacognition exercise makes you take distance from your own learning process.

It helps you answer these questions: do I really know? Do I really understand? What do I lack to understand better? What should I focus on later on when learning the language?

Soundcloud & Spotify offer a plethora of podcasts on all possible subjects and by all possible inspirational speakers, writers, researches & experts of all sorts whose amazing knowledge is worth discovering.

All of these tools can be downloaded on your mobile phone as app’s. Enjoy the opportunity to be into “learning modus” everywhere possible and spare time simultaneously.

Your learning journey can take place everywhere, any time & brings together all possible topics.

Here are some examples of great videos worth to listen & watch.







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