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-Useful Multimedia Tools –

To use as Tools during your learning sessions – Videos, Films, Podcasts & Interviews – are definitely one of the best ways to marry visual aid & sharpen your listening skills. If subtitles are available, your reading skills will also be improved. Multimedia tools such as those above mentioned are therefore three-dimensionally tailored to enhance your learning experience in foreign languages.

When learning and working out in different foreign languages, using all kinds of tools, included sound records/films/videos available on the internet (Youtube for example) is Gold in order to practice your listening and speaking skills. It makes you work on your understanding, it improves your vocabulary, it makes you learn about plenty of other topics and subjects related or not to the foreign language and it is fun. it can also be used simultaneously when performing other tasks.

TEDx events are particularly of good quality, both for content and for the quality of the language used by speakers (often natives). Ted Speakers are well trained and rigorously prepared before their talk come public, the quality of their speech is therefore undeniable. They also often speak about topics ranging from discoveries and philosophical issues to nowadays problematics. I recommend you to look for and listen to some of them. They are worth giving a bit of your time. They make your learning a living, multithematical and open process.

Here is a list of useful websites & apps you can install on your mobile phone, which you can consult in order to listen to podcasts, interviews, films (short and long) & videos of native speakers in the languages you learn. Most of them are free of charge and/or offer their listeners an almost unlimited sound experience.







The Internet



Local libraries for films and audiobooks


Note that in order to optimize your learning experience, this is always wise to choose a topic you are already passionate about and/or interested in when selecting an author, a film or a video. Then, you can marry the useful with the enjoyable.






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