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Choose fruits and veggies when cooking Salmon – ginger is divine – savour…

Remember that Oats Biscuits – Havre Kjeks – can as well replace bread. Practical when the fridge is suprisingly empty with bread stuff and when one wants to bite in a crunchy stuff instead of a soft bite. They can be buttered and just added with cheese, ham, liverpaste and olives. The WHO adviced a Mediterranean diet: Olives are a secure food! Delicious to top all kinds of lunch preparations!



Soups are practical and full of veggies and vitanims. To get enough nutrients, you can warm up some fried shrimps in the oven as additionals. They are easy to like for children. To avoid too much unhealthy fat: opt for natural meager yogurt and mix it with Sambal Oelek. You got the high taste without any unhealthy fat stuff. Perfect to regulate your diet and eat healthy! To accompany your soup, some fresh watermelon cut in small pieces with avocado is the perfect match. It gives much fresh taste to your warm vegetable soup and stands as an interesting match! You and your children will love it! Especially in the summer. Experiment with food, it is fun!

En enkel Frokost basert på frukt er best av alt. For små og stor. Det trenges ikke mye ting for å starte dagen på den beste måte.



Huske å lukte matvarer.

Awaken your senses. Let your spirit kiss every day with a life-focused mind!

The smell of strawberries is a delight!

Snacks are ok between meals: learn to apply self-indulgence & be creative

Opt for healthy in-between snacks such as yogurt, possibly with nuts & fruits. Here is a tasty yogurt with peanuts, kiwi & mango.

Eat vegetables everyday!

Even when no time to cook a proper dinner to your kids: add as many veggies as possible to any pizza you buy from the foodstore.

Never stop eating fruits… For breakfast, as a dessert for lunch or as additionals for dinner. All day long, for all possible reasons & occasions. Fruits are great, they are fun to eat, they are tasty and they are full of colors & vitamins! Buy & eat Fruits, they are excellent for your health!

Color your Days, eat Fruits!


Homemade Chocolate Paste

I recently opted to make my own dark chocolate past. No sugar. No additional. Delicious! Secret recipe: melt the chocolate with water (equal quantity of chocolate & water) in a small pan and when it gets liquid enough to your taste, let it cool down in a glass jar.

En veldig god start på dagen

Avocado, kiwi, banana, strawberries, mango, gulrot, eple og en kan av grønn te.

Funky Energy Booster Breakfast

Salmon, Fullforn Rice & Vegetables – a Salt & Suggar Association

As I mentioned previously I always try to mix veggies to fruits, even when fried or cooked in the pan. This, because apples for example are highly delicious to mix with other vegetables, they enhance the general taste of the entire plate. Also, because they help to digest the overall meal. Also, because apples are good & healthy. We should always eat a high quantity of them daily. Here you can see a salmon cooking process. I added some cheese at the top of the rice bowl. I always try to mix colors, and have an equal number of types of different fruits and vegetables. Ginger, leeks and red peppers are especially good taste additionals. I personally love adding peanuts to the preparation, it gives a bit of an exotic touch and I love having some nuts into our dinner. Lemon is particularly nice and healthy to add before the cooking or afterwards on your plate. They are full of vitamins C, they are therefore good all-year partners.

Delicious! Jeg anbefaler!

Quick Healthy Lunch on a weekday

Sushi is a big enterprise. When you engage in a sushi making adventure. Believe me. This will make you love the process. It is one of the type of food which makes you both a great food lover and a patient cook. I love making my own sushi. For various excellent reasons. These reasons range from having the possibility to use all ingredients I want (and thus make it healthier or more suitable to our taste) to the pleasure to learn how to make complicated and advanced food. Sushi is maybe the best food I ever tasted on earth. I love sushi, because I love raw food. It is powerful to eat and it totally energizes your body & mind. Making sushi for people you love is great, making sushi for one self, even for a simple weekly lunch when working home, is as well ecstatic, sharing them with friends and tasting it yourself is heaven! Personally, I love using ginger, cucumber, avocado, which are basics and usual ingredients used for sushi, but I also love to experiment and use other ingredients which are less and maybe not usual at all to use in sushi, such as nuts, but also fruits like mango, strawberries, grapes or vegetables like pepper, chilli pepper, cheery tomatoes, onions, radish and else. i do not cook, marinate or prepare any ingredients: all of them are just as raw as possible, this is to keep as much nutrients as possible in them. The key when making sushi is to find the right & best “raw fish spot” where you live, a good shop which sells good, tasty and healthy raw fish you know well and can rely on any time of the year, with a good quality/price equation, because excellent raw fish is a sine qua non condition to successful and tasty sushi. I personally love using salmon, but you can choose any other fish you want and love and also make sushi without fish to make it vegan. Sesame seeds, soya and wasabi on the side are a must, especially if you want to make the sushi tasting experience the most respectful of traditions possible, but also and above all because it is good. One can create all forms possible with sushi, so making sushi with kids and other friends can fast and often become a fantastic creative process. Everyone can propose new ways to make these tasty fishy little things. The all process becomes a highly enjoyable process for everyone’s creativity where & when all ideas are welcome and possible.

Hope you enjoy your sushi experience!

Salmon (or laks på norsk) is alsways a convenient & highly tasty fish to cook for dinner for kids, especially because the taste is not that strong and my child, for example, does not like very intense food taste. It is also very easy to cook salmon in the oven, along with vegetables or on a pan, along with any additionals. It is fast to cook and it can be kept in a freezer very easily. This salmon is cook with olive oil, a mix of different spicies, and with additionals that I especially selected in order to make a very healthy and energy boosting accompaniment. I previously cut avocado, strawberries and apples in small cubes and added some sticks of peppered and spicied biscuits. I add small pieces of ginger & leeks. Apples, ginger & leeks, did I add to the salmon on the pan and fried it, although not too much so that they keep as many nutrients possible (it is always better to fry or cook food for a very short time at very high temperature than for a long time to low temperature in order for the food to keep its nutrients and vitamins). Along side with salmon, I prepared a very healthy unfat sauce: with natural yogurt, sambal Oelek & lemon. This sauce suits salmon as well as the veggies additional perfeclty and is not heavy at all on the stomach.

I didn’t know this was possible. But. Yes. It is. To find Belgian chocolate truffles in Norway. One does not even need to travel. We can just go to the local store. And have a taste of his/her own roots. But. Let’s talk about it. Roots. Mine have been unrooted and rooted again & again many times in my life. From travelling the world when young, to living now almost 9 years in Norway. Roots are an exportable product guys. They can unroot and inroot again. Anywhere. Anytime. And you know what. That is fine. Because we are tree beings. with lots if resilience. And with enough water. And sun. And care from fellow human beings. A tree can grow a century. And still be healthy even if and after having been unrooted. And unrooted again.


Here is a typical example of fruits set for a smoothie I usually make once a day. In the morning. Spring and particularly April (as well as fall and October) are times of great changes when our bodies need to adapt to change of weather. This is also the exit period of winter, when everything flourishes around us and so does our body need nutrients to manage at best these changes and make the most of them. Enough fruits is needed to embrace most favourably the coming summer. To envigorate our body mechanisms and in case of mild colds or minor soar throat, typical to spring and fall time, that kind of smoothie is perfect for a good cure of booster vitamins. Once a day for one to two weeks is the perfect plan. Here is a dose for 2 smoothies (an adult and a child).

Nice & tasty examples of fruity slices of fullcorn bread for healthy breakfast with thin slices of apple’s, strawberries and a last touch of honey. With a bit of butter or margarine. In case smoothies are too fastidious to make in a rushing morning when time is often missing, this can be a good alternative to have enough vitamines in the body for the entire day. The simpliest things can be the most effective.

Fruits are very important. Not only for the vitamins they give but also because they mostly help the body metabolize nutrients. They boost the immunity system. They should therefore be an everyday part of one’s diet. Eat it with everything: from your slice of bread to your weekend pancakes or to your daily booster smoothie…





Remember that leverpostei & honey are good friends to keep a good quantity of in the fridge during winter.

My perfect Friday lunch.


Look at what I found today in the local grocery store! Almost as good as Belgian chocolate. Had never tasted such a good thing before.



Should be your best friend all along the winter. Ginger is a immunity booster, particularly efficient to fight against seasonal colds and depleted immune system. You can use ginger in everything – from cold summer salads to warm winter preparations, freshly squeezed smoothie, tea and herbal infusions. For fresh smoothies, I would advice to use it in the blender, not the juicer, in order to keep the highest amount of vitamins possible. Because ginger is quite strong, it is adviced to consume a moderate quantity of it daily – not more than 10 to 20 grammes a day. Green and Mint teas are extremely relaxing if infused with ginger. Be careful: the taste and strength of fresh ginger is stronger than cooked ginger. Ginger is also a very good aphrodisiac. For those it may interest. It can light up your sexual life.

I personally cook and add ginger in almost anything and everything I eat and cook. Above all, because it gives much taste and flavour to any meal and any other ingredient, but also because I prefer to boost my immune system well in advance instead of having to catch up with an insufficient level of vitamins or a depleted health later in the winter.


Broccoli, Bacon, pasta and Philadelphia sauce. With some natural yoghurt and Sambal Oelek on the top of it! Veggies to fight against tired evenings!

Coffee is a must for me in the winter. In Sogn, a women can hardly survive without:, 2. a car, 3. sport everyday, 4. good food, 5. meeting up with friends.

Take the time to make yourself a spices mix for cooking. Often, we do not have time to put all the spices we would love to in the dinners we cook every day. This will help you spare some time. Breathing above such a spices mix is like travelling the world in thoughts in a second. Smell it! It will take you to heaven.

The traditional Spaghetti Bolognese. With fullcorn Spaghetti. I personally make sure to add enough veggies. As diversified as possible. With cheese on the top (for cheese lovers), the perfect last touch.

The smell of tasty smashed coffee grains in the morning. A force that drives you a thousand miles ahead.


Take the time to squeeze tasty Smoothie. Even more during winter. All kinds of fruits suit all tastes. Freshly squeezed smoothie are by far one of the best vitamine intake. Invest in a good juicer/blander & squeeze!

A Must one has to have in his or her fridge is Peanut Butter. Organic is better. On biscuits served along with butter & natural yoghurt on. Delicious!


My Favourite Moment of the Day is definitely my First Piece of Chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate & Almond is one of the best that can be found!

Jeg anbefaler!


Apple. Simple. Green.

Plain Blackcurrant Syrup (Solbær Sirup)

With Water & Ice Cubes.

Perfect for a Winter Evening. It just refreshes the mind perfectly.


On travelling, always opt for a healthy lunch. Give yourself the right to pay a little bit more if necessary in order to guarantee you have enough of all the nutrients your body needs daily. Opt for green stuff in your sandwich (salad, cucumber, red peppers, tomatoes). Choose wholegrain multicereal bread and for a wide range of ingredient, as for example Eggs, Cheese & Ham (calcium & protein). Here is a delicious Ciabatta I had last year in a Coffee bar in Oslo, beside the dock.


On the importance to include Fruits & Freshly Squeezed Smoothies in your daily diet. Fruits are full of vitamines, they offer a wide range of nutrients that we are often depleted of in the winter. In the summer, they can be of great value to squeeze fresh smoothies and keep oneself hydrated. It’s always better to diversify your fruit choice, thus colour. Kiwis, bananas, mandarins, apples and pineapples are practical and easy to use for smoothies but also more unusual fruits such watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & else can be well mixed in a blander with the fresh juice got from a good juicer. Take the time to make your own good & fresh smoothie, even when you are waking up early for work, this is part of the process of eating healthy: taking the time to have breakfast or a pleasant food break in the afternoon with a thoughtfully squeezed smoothie is one of the best alternatives that one can choose.


Opening a Highly Fresh Gouda, especially this one of Synnøve, is one of the highest point of a daily meal. Not only does it smell like heaven, but it also taste like the fresh milk one farmer just got from a cow in the country side. To educate to taste is one of the most valuable practice one can teach to one’s children. Food & Eating is not only about tasting or eating, it is also about smelling.

Every sense is of importance in eating healthy & well.


Love to diversify your preparation. Here is a good example of how to mix sugary & salty food ingredients. Homemade knekkebrød (wholegrain flat bread) served with Butter, Blue Cheese, Eggeplant Caviar covered with Strawberries.

Mixing a strong tasted-cheese & caviar such as blue cheese and salmon caviar with fresh & light tasted-Strawberries is a very delightful match for a Food Lover who likes to experiment.


Pistachio is great. Try it. It tastes Green.

Perfect for a Quick & Easy Snack between two meals. When busy working hard.


Always opt for Homemade Apple Cake. Served along with an ecological Vanilla Ice-Cream and some Blueberries & Strawberries. Melis Sugar will finalize your most Favourite Dessert. That is always best to share with a good Friend.


The Perfect Breakfast in case I am alone home. On the Importance of taking a Good Complete & Diversified Breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I usually take my Weekend Breakfast with an Open Book on the table. A Good & Warm cup of Coffee. Oatmeal Porridge (Havre Grøt) & Butter. Some Grapefruit Juice. Sour Herring mixed & Natural Yoghurt. A piece of Gouda Cheese on the side. Cooked Egg (but not too much to have the egg yolk still melting) & Cottage Cheese. Some Omega 3 to keep the brain in good shape. Milk, Apples & some Biscuits in case.


I love experimenting with Fruits & Topping.

For Breakfast, I like covering some Apple slices with Peanuts Butter, topping Polar Bread with Cottage Cheese & Jam. Then Classics come along: Whole Grain Bread (knekkebrød) & Liver Paste (leverpostei), with Chocolate & Almond paste or Sardine in Tomato Sauce.

Eggs & Fruits such as Strawberries & Blueberries. Natural & Strawberry Yoghurt on the side. Simply. Are good component to a Complete Breakfast of Quality.


Smoked Ham & Egg topping wholegrain Polar Bread. Along with Butter.

A Delice for one’s Lunch or Quick Breakfast.





img_5226 (2)



Porc Sausages with Zucchini and Tuna Pasta.

Served along with Grated Cheese, all-around Spices and Tomato Sauce.

A perfect Saturday Night easy Dinner.

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