Tra.No Work Ethic


– Code of Ethics of Tra.No –

At Tra.No, we work on the basis of six main

Ethic Principles:

Neutrality, Equality, Security, Integrity, Fraternity & Growth

Neutrality of our services as a Translation & Redaction Company. At Tra.No, our main concern is to remain entirely neutral all along the Translation and/or Redaction Assignment process, what ever the Assignment is (Translating, Editing, Proofreading, Coaching or Redacting). As a provider of Translation, Proofreading, Coaching and Redaction services, we do not have, nor express any opinion, comment or/and judgement about the content of the primary Product and its final Translation, nor do we add any opinion, comment or/and judgement into the Translation product. Our task is only to vehiculate a message from a language into another language in order to facilitate its communication, transmission and understanding. Our final Translation and any other kinds of Products are entirely free of any personal opinion, comment and/or judgement of any kind. This with the exception of cases when expressing our own opinion and/or judgement is part of the initial assignment request.

E-quality of all our clients & collaborators in regard to the quality of our work and of our final products. At Tra.No, we simultaneously promote both principles of quality & equality in the services, work (assignments) & contacts we have with our collaborators. As a company & individual, our main purpose is to reach the highest quality of service possible for everyone taking contact with our company. We guarantee, promise & engage in doing our best in order to undertaking our responsibilities, fulfill our promises to you, as clients & collabortors & honor our contract & engagement in order to carry out our assignments & deliver a high quality fnal product & top quality services (learning, teaching, prooferading, redaction, etc.).

Equality before the law: everyone has the right to have access to high quality translation and redaction services, guaranteeing the quality of his/her case processing and a right, legal and fair processing of such documents and of the requested and received Translation product (or any other kinds of products). We do also act in regard to an equal protection & respect of our clients private informations, privacy and private life. This principle applies to all of our services, missions & assignments.

Security of your private informations, privacy and private life. This principle entails 100% guaranteed security of all informations component & corollary of all documents and request along the entire Assignment process.  From your initial request to payment procedure and finally to the delivery of the final Translation Product. We, as a Translator, are sworn & authorized in Courts, and thus are we bound and committed to professional secret & confidentiality and must therefore guarantee a total confidentiality about our products and their entire content and the overall assignment.

Integrity of your private life, your pvivacy and of the assignment product and request. Integrity and full protection of the content of the primary and final product  and request (by it, we mean assurance that the entire scope and content of the initial product is fully and rightly translated into and contained in the final received Translation Product and that the initial request, what ever the assignment is, is fully performed and accomplished, in regard to all the requirements of our clients).

Fraternity as a basic ethic principle that drive our missions, services and work. The purpose for which we work as a Translator, Writer, Thinker & Dancer is to promote understanding between all human beings, Peace, Cooperation and Cohesion between Human Beings. We act for a Better World, a Better Health and a Better Life for all Human beings on earth.
The work and missions of our Company is to promote these principles and apply them in the best way possible all along the process of an assignment.

Growth as a basic ethic principle of our services & company and the overall aim we pursue everyday. At Tra.No, we do aim at personal development where all our clients & collaborators & us have place, time and the constant possibility to growth, learn and develop according to the personal goals, expectations and aspirations that each of us has for the future. We do guarantee our collaborators & clients (as well as anyone we are in contact with) to promote life-long learning & development, individually, privately and as a company. This ethic principle is a fundamental milestone of our Multilingual Literacy, Education & Self-Learning research project for worldwide peace.



– Tra.No is a UN and WHO-Friendly Translation Company –


Please note that Tra.No is a United Nations Organization (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO) -friendly Company. What does it mean exactly? It means that our services, work and the basic fundaments of and the ethic principles followed by our Company are based on, in respect of and in accordance with the principles followed and expressed in the UN International Declaration of Human Rights and the principles and ideals promoted and defended by the United Nations Organization and are in respect of the recommendations of the World Health Organization. It also means that we offer our services in best regards to the principles promoted and defended by the United Nations Organization and by the World Health Organization, for and in order to promote a Better Life, a Better Health and a Better World and in genuine regard to and the ultimate aim of promoting, achieving & establishing a state of Peace for human kind worldwide and a Better Understanding between Human Beings.

If you desire to know more about the United Nations Organization (UN) and about its work & mission, as well as about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you can visit the following website:

If you desire to know more about the World Health Organization (WHO) and about its work & recommendations, you can visit the following website:


– Tra-No as a Environment-Friendly Translation Company –

Please note that Tra.No is an Environment-Friendly Translation Company. It does mean that our Company does work in the best interest of nature and its protection and with a genuine regard to the protection of the environment. We are a member of Norsk Naturevern Forbundet and our Translator and her family is registered as a Miljø-agent. We will therefore invite and request from our collaborators to work in the best interest of our nature and environment as well.

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